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An interactive workshop with 5 business experts to build your 2023 roadmap & make this your best year yet! 

Money, Mindset & Marketing

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Start the New Year with (5) 20-minute personalized workshops and leave with:

  • A personal 2023 Mantra that your unconscious mind will LOVE to soak in daily.
  • A Visioning Workbook with your goals clearly identified + a plan to accomplish them!
  • Clarity on your offerings, pricing & value. 
  • An understanding of your business numbers for continuous growth. 
  • A social media plan uniquely crafted for you.

The BEST PART? It's ONLY $23!

Founders, CEOs, Creatives & Business Professionals - THIS is for you.


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(5) 20-minute ACTION-packed workshops - these are not webinars!

Along with this session, you’ll receive a Visioning Workbook to help you discover what’s truly important to you and quantifiably identify the areas in your life that need some TLC.

We’ll discuss how to set attainable goals and intentions for the new year, and you’ll finish the session equipped with worksheets and strategies to carry you through 2023 and ensure you actually meet your goals.


In each area of our lives, there is a perceived cap we have placed on how much career success, wealth, happiness, love, and more that we will allow ourselves to have.

I’ll walk you through how to know what’s going on under the surface and how to move through it with intention (and ditch that script!)

In the process, craft your own personal 2023 Mantra that your unconscious mind will LOVE to soak in daily.

How to Identify & Overcome Your Upper Limit + Craft your 2023 Mantra with Renee Bowen

Believing that crunching numbers and determining your goals is difficult and requires complex spreadsheets is what holds so many talented business owners back. So let’s bust that myth once and for all.

Using my signature Money Matters worksheet, I’ll teach you how to easily identify if your prices are in line with your big picture vision, and we’ll play with the numbers until you reach an outcome you’re excited about. Ready to fall in love with your numbers? 


What this isn’t: a jargon-fest about taxes, financial planning, or bookkeeping with a professional financial expert.

What this is: A simple approach to understanding your business numbers (what’s coming in and out of your account AKA cashflow) through the lens of a fellow entrepreneur who has made 7 figures in revenue over the last 5 years.

We’ll end the session with an offer revenue audit to help you identify your most profitable offer to double down on in 2023. 

*I’m a CEO/biz professional like you, NOT an accountant or bookkeeper. What I share is through the lens of my own experience analyzing my monthly/annual P&L to grow my business and should not be taken as legal advice.

Cashflow Like a CEO: Audit Your Numbers & Offers To Increase Profit with Ellen Yin


When it comes to social media, we can get SO distracted by “shiny object syndrome” that we don’t focus on prioritizing what’s actually working for our business.

During this session, I’ll walk you through a data-backed approach to identify what are the two social media channels you should invest your time and energy into this year. Once we’ve identified the channels, what’s working best? What does this channel uniquely offer that will help you stand out?

Where Should You Focus Your Social Media Efforts? Identify Your Primary & Secondary Channels with Dana Snyder


Goal Setting + Visioning: Identify What Truly Matters, Set Goals, and Actually Meet Them with Elise Armitage

No-Brainer Numbers: What to Charge To Meet Your Goals in 2023 with Tiffany Napper

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We met in Julie Solomon's SHINE Mastermind program in 2020 and instantly clicked over our desires to grow & create more impact within our businesses.

We all run COMPLETELY different businesses and love supporting each other through this wild ride, called entrepreneurship!

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