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You’d love to spend time focusing on donor stewardship, binging Love Is Blind, and being a yoga regular. 

But instead, it’s a constant grind of soliciting current donors and searching for more. 

Even when you hit your goals, there’s no time to celebrate (or breathe!) before you’re back at it.

There’s so much to do between communicating your message, prospecting for donors, managing social media…you basically need a clone

Or a simple, automated process that attracts recurring donors.

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The free tool that pinpoints friction and smooths the way to recurring donations!

Imagine what you could do with a steady stream of recurring donors: Thank donors personally, expand programs, grow staff, lower costs, and take a moment to feel confident and proud of your work. 

Hey! I'm Dana

I’m your biggest cheerleader and best source of ideas, tools, formulas, and experience you need to get off the hamster wheel of scrambling for donations and create a steady stream of recurring donors

I’ve worked with companies like Movember, Dress for Success, American Idol, The Global Foodbanking Network, The Gary Sinise Foundation and on campaigns with budgets from $500 to $$$$$ - and the system remains the same: Attract donors on autopilot and completely transform your organization. 

And that’s why I developed the Donor Attraction Method - the automated system that attracts recurring donors while you sleep. 

You didn’t step into this world to spend your time constantly sweating for new donors. You wanted to make a difference. And you can when you attract recurring donors on autopilot and help your organization thrive. 

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If you want to smash your funding goals without scrounging 24/7, you need How To Attract Recurring Donors WITHOUT Posting To Social Media.

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You could try cloning yourself...

Or you could sign up for How To Attract Recurring Donors WITHOUT Posting To Social Media and create a stress-free
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