Ready to build a dedicated community of recurring donors to generate consistent revenue? We do the work to make it happen in just 3 months.


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The Reality Is:

Individual Giving is ⬇️ by 12% while Monthly Gifts are ⬆️ 11% and accounted for 28% of ALL online revenue.*

So what does this mean for you? Where should your efforts, time & resources be spent?

Look At The Numbers:
  • One-time $50 into a $10 monthly gift = $120
  • One-time $100 into a $25 monthly gift = $300
  • One-time $500 gift into a $100 monthly gift = $1200

We bring ALL the necessary experts together to provide YOU with a one-stop shop to launch an impactful recurring donor program in just 3 months! With just 1-3 hours of your time each week.

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“It has been very seamless and easy to be a part of mastermind!

Such a big task has been broken down into little tasks to make it easier to accomplish without being overwhelming.

We are very excited about the finished products. Dana has put together a phenomenal and talented team of experts to assist as well. :)"

- Shannon, The Promise

What Participants Are Saying...

"The mastermind was a well-run, individualized experience.

The support from a number of different professionals - from video work, copywriting, graphics, and everything in between - was so smooth! 

The new landing page is such an upgrade and really gets to the heart of what we do and how we want people to partner with us."

- Julia, The Party

Would you recommend this program to another nonprofit looking to build a recurring donor program? 

100% Said Yes

"My experience in the ‘Mastermind” was a wonderful learning experience, it was truly valuable interacting with Dana, Erika, Lauren and Tristyn and it was productive as we now have scripts and social media posts that have launched our monthly donor program!"

- Robert, The Path

How It Works

Missions to Movements Mastermind runs 2x a year Spring and Summer for 3 months to build and launch your recurring donor program.


Nonprofit teams tired of endlessly soliciting donations and ready for an endless stream of recurring donors.


A digital strategist, website designer, copywriter, and video producer walk into…your life! The drinks are for AFTER the launch, silly! You’ll have a full team ready to help you build your recurring donor online experience and market it!


This      perfect for you if:

You’re tired of the “We need new donors stat!” pressure scenarios

YOU're open to ADJUSTING your online donation tool



You want to spend time on donor stewardship. Imagine that! 

You WANT a donor's experience that converts

You want to see 80-90% retention rate with donors year-over-year

You do not have the funds or time to manage a full scale agency

Cheer on our Mastermind Alumni!

  • Audit and optimize your donation tool to make sure it's a seamless giving experience

  • Avatar deep dive into who you want to attract as recurring donors

  • We'll review your Ads Manager account and make sure it's set up for success 

  • Brainstorm a name and branding for your recurring donor program
  • Review website landing page and thank you page templates & start designing!

  • We'll draft the SEO-optimized copy for your landing page 

  • Review your launch video 

  • Website revisions and testing

Here's What To Expect

Optimize Your Online Giving Experience

Website Design



  • Finalize website and video 

  • Learn the Donor Attraction Method Ad Strategy 

  • Ad copy will be created by our copywriter

  • Marketing launch plan 

  • Set up and run your social ad campaign to attract recurring donors!

Digital Marketing Plan



  • The final month is reserved for weekly Q&A calls and additional support as your campaign launches

  • We'll have a Slack or private Facebook Group reserved for communication

Q&A + Support



"Storytelling + Social Media = Social Change." 

Dana Snyder is your resource and partner in helping YOU amplify your mission through innovative digital marketing and technology.

Dana will work with you to transform you online donor experience, remove any friction to give, and invite new supporters into your family of donors!

Dana Snyder

founder & CEO of positive equation

Your All-Star Team

"Significance is greater than success.”

HeartSpark is a nimble branding studio reigniting nonprofits: to be fully seen, trusted, and supported for their brilliant selves. 

Lauren has a gift for designing beautiful websites your donors will SWOON over as they join your mission.

"The right words bridge the gap between your brand and the right people."

Sipsy Ink is a purpose-driven copywriting studio capturing the voices and personalities of brands and businesses through genuine storytelling to provide organic growth. 

Tristyn knows the power of words - they make a website or social ad come alive! She'll work with you on creating compelling that will excite donors to give! 

Lauren Atherton

Owner & Creative Director of HeartSpark Design

Tristyn Sipsy

Owner + Copywriter at Sipsy Ink

This all sounds awesome Dana, what's the investment? 

Let's chat!


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