Cut out the noise, streamline your processes, and raise millions through online giving.

Cut out the noise, streamline your processes, and raise millions through online giving.

An intimate collective of nonprofit leaders ready to support you, share the behind-the-scenes of what works, and provide direct answers on how to achieve your goals.

mastermind for nonprofit leaders 

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You walk into a *virtual* meeting with your team refreshed after a two-week vacation off the grid asking for a recap. 

The recurring giving campaign is on fire generating all the funds and more for annual operating expenses.

Your digital team is ecstatic to share all the positive inbound messages online and increased website traffic generating new donors. 

The development team is raving about new partners reaching out to support you on a multi-year agreement.

The joy and energy are contagious. 

You did it.

Picture This:

Your mission has become a living and breathing movement.

How It Works

Missions to Movements is a 6-month mastermind with an intimate group of nonprofit leaders.


It’s designed for two members of your team to join - a leader within the organization and a digital or communications staff member.


Expand your mindset, understand your purpose as a leader, and work on building a nonprofit that can withstand any external challenges that might come your way. 


What if you had a collaborative group of nonprofit peers to learn from, share challenges & celebrate the “aha!” moments with?

I’ve handpicked some of my favorite people to guide you in taking your nonprofit to the next level.

Let’s meet them.

As a leader, you do a lot alone...

"Our vision was to build a one-of-a-kind charity — one with an epic and extraordinary brand. We believed that if we did it right, our brand could be our secret weapon."

Vik Harrison knows the key ingredients to building a strong purpose-driven brand. Through her experience developing The Spring, charity: water's robust monthly giving program, Vik teaches nonprofits how to fundraise less and raise more. I think that's something we can all rally behind!

Vik Harrison

co-Founder, Charity:water & Founder of the branded startup

All-Star Guest Coaches

"Kirk’s guidance and wisdom have been monumental in shaping my career and inner happiness!"

Kirk coaches high-impact leaders to find their greatest possibility in authentic leadership, purpose, and impact. Kirk will be leading you through a three-part series, "From Preference to Purpose" - discovering your personal purpose, how it integrates with the larger team, and applying it to your work. 

"Bold ideas attract bold people."

Sarah leads the strategy & vision of New Story's organizational growth. Living at the intersection of fundraising and brand, she works to push ideas, values, and engagement beyond the typical donor experience to impact more families in need. 

Get your questions ready - Sarah will be sharing advice on sustainable fundraising methods & a case study on New Story's incredible giving campaign, The Neighborhood.

Kirk Souder

co-Founder & leadership coach, enso

"If you can learn from everything that life throws at you, everything has a purpose."

Katelynn Whitaker is the full-time marketing manager at Movember US and a part-time marketing consultant. Focused on engaging young men, Katelynn is an expert in creating innovative strategies to reach millennials. 

Curious how to start an influencer strategy and notable brand persona? Katelynn has you covered.

"When you stand out as you stand up for your mission, you naturally attract the resources you need to drive change."

Tania’s superpower is lighting up women’s voices, opening the doorways of opportunity and influence. She consults with a hybrid approach, guiding thought leadership personal branding strategy with coaching to banish imposter syndrome and reduce overwhelm.

Tania will be leading a session on "Helping Changemakers Rise from Trenches to be Visible Thought Leaders and Trusted Voices."

Tania Bhattacharyya

founder, lumos marketing

"I'm here to create a revolution in the nonprofit sector. You too?"

Mallory was an ED of a 2M dollar organization (that she grew from 300k) – working 70 hours a week to keep everything afloat. Oh yeah, she gets you.

Now a fundraising consultant for nonprofits, she'll be sharing the secrets behind her program, Power Partner Formula™ to help you find and secure the RIGHT corporate partnerships.

Mallory Erickson

Founder of Power Partners Formula™

"Relationships + results = recurring revenue."

Sabrina is a certified consultant, coach, & facilitator who helps small nonprofit Staff & Boards build relationships that convert into more donations.

Among Sabrina’s successes is that she completed a $12M comprehensive capital campaign in the 3rd poorest county in the United States. She'll be joining us to talk ALL about how to reenergize and engage your board of directors.

Sabrina  Walker-Hernandez

President & CEO, Supporting world hope

Sarah Lee

chief GROWTH officer, new story

Katelynn Whitaker

Marketing & Comms leader, Movember

"For brands to succeed with Gen Z, they need to create a sense of belonging."

Gregg leads strategy and consumer engagement programs for brands targeting youth audiences. He's been immersed in the business of youth culture since he started his first business at 16 years old. 

He co-authored The Gen Z Frequency (you'll get a copy!) and frequently appears as a guest on youth culture in national media outlets. I'm thrilled to have Gregg join us to help us navigate the upcoming generation of donors.

Gregg L. Witt

Chief strategy officer, engage youth co.

"Fundraising Strategist by day and stage performer by night."

Magen McRoberts built a full service event fundraising firm that provides organizations with a one-stop-shop experience for all of their fundraising event needs. 

Outside of just producing the event, Magen understands event-based donor psychology. She'll be sharing all her insights and answering your questions on how to format an event that really makes a difference. 

Magen McRoberts

founder, boundless impact agency

"Your best creative accomplishment should be to create creators."

Cameron’s helped hundreds of nonprofits create donor journeys - from creating a memorable first impression for a donor to seeing the donor become a forever advocate, one who grows your cause for you. 

He's led award-winning digital marketing campaigns for some of the world's most influential nonprofits, thought leaders, and innovative businesses, including Sony Music, IJM, Cure, and more.

Cameron Barlett

Digital marketer for nonprofits

"Always start with end user experience in mind."

Elyse and I were both involved with our university's Dance Marathon programs in 2008. Through her work at the national office, the Miracle Network Dance Marathon program has raised over $300M since 1991.

My journey in philanthropy started with my local Dance Marathon program at UCF and I'm overjoyed to have Elyse share the incredible insights behind the Dance Marathon program.

Elyse Meardon

VP of programs, Children's miracle network hospitals

"Time to tame your nonprofit tech."

Maureen has developed a proven process that maps your nonprofit’s strategic and operational goals to the right platforms and business processes – helping you make good decisions about the systems you use to engage your supporters and run the organization.

Maureen will be helping you understand your current reality via a brand assessment exercise. 

Maureen Wallbeoff

systems & processes for nonprofits

22 Group Coaching Calls with Dana Snyder & Guest Coaches to get specific on what your goals are and how to achieve them (2-3 one-hour calls per month via Zoom) 

How does this sound?

(2) one-hour 1:1 calls with Dana at the beginning and end of the Mastermind to understand what you want to accomplish, set up a plan for success & move you and your team forward in your goals



we're in it to get you results:

Private Slack Channel Office Hours M-F for digital staff to ask Dana digital marketing questions, get advice and feedback throughout the mastermind


Access to 12 Guest Coaches with expertise in creating international movements, marketing, recurring giving, thought leadership, engaging a board & more!


Private Facebook Group for you to interact, connect & support your peers from various nonprofits with incredible missions



"Dana went above and beyond in our workshop in sharing fantastic resources to ensure a successful strategy moving forward."




"As a growing organization, we needed the strategy, industry know how, and expertise Dana provided. We've seen incredible growth since we began with Positive Equation and our numbers have exceeded expectations."




Missions to Movements is a time and financial investment in yourself, your team and your organization. This is beyond professional development. 

This mastermind will weave its way through every aspect of your organization - programming, fundraising, operations, events, board of directors, digital marketing, name it!

You're ready to take your org to the next stage in its organizational life cycle. But if you're anything like me, you desire help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

movember - #hashtaglunchbag - earth hour

This      for you if:

Your nonprofit has an annual budget of $1-$10M and want to see that number grow YoY.

you're a mighty one person team with an annual budget less than $1M. 

You have a digital or social media person on your team.

Not sure if digital marketing is important to your organization.

You know your fundraising shouldn’t come from ONE event and you’re ready to diversify your fundraising streams.

It's probably       for you if...

Someone who doesn’t like a group coaching atmosphere.



It's probably
for you if...

You’re committed to listening and helping other leaders in the group succeed.

Not ready to make online fundraising a priority within your nonprofit.

You believe in the power of technology to help scale and grow your impact.

you have a "we can't do that" attitude

You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and put a plan into action that will give you back TIME.


(You’re incredible if this is you! Click here to check out my online courses here

you're prepared to invest in your organization & yourself


"Never underestimate the investment you make in yourself. By bettering ourselves, we can make an ever greater impact."

— ME, every single day

I'm Dana, aka your coach, cheerleader & digital marketing expert.

I believe positive stories of change can transform our world to be a better place.

That’s why I help heart-driven nonprofit marketers cultivate a passionate audience of donors, partners, and advocates through innovative digital consulting.

I've spent 10+ years working in digital marketing and met some incredible people along the way. I'm here to teach, guide you, and my favorite part...

hey there!

Watching your mission turn into a movement.

"Dana Snyder is the Olivia Pope of social media."

— lesley brillhart,Dress for success worldwide west

"She's got it handled."

All Missions to Movements Mastermind members will receive access to my online programs & kits:
1. How To Plan An Engaging Virtual Event
2. The Magic of Facebook & Instagram for Nonprofits
3. 40 Social Media Captions & 15 Canva Templates

Get access to my online courses for you & your team


Courses & Templates


Make the time. 

I signed up for a 12-month mastermind for my business this year. YES, the time and financial commitment scared the crap out of me! But guess what scared me more? 

One of the most important things I’ve learned during my mastermind is to leave time to pause, think, and work on what you need to focus on. 

There’s going to be a TON of information presented from all the guest coaches. Every month, I’ve left an open week on the calendar. This time is meant to allow room for you to think, pause, and digest the information.

Our weekly calls are now the highlight of my week.

not growing
continuing to work ALL the time
working on the wrong things

my favorite meeting every week

Missions to Movements is the only mastermind of its kind because it includes...

small group coaching with experts for nonprofit leaders

As a digital marketing expert, my experience is in closing the gap between nonprofit leaders and digital staff to cultivate a powerful and impactful online community for your cause.

To do that, I've created a schedule that includes individual sessions and group trainings that leaders + digital marketing staff can attend together. You'll both be growing and aligned throughout the process. 

separate sessions & 1:1 time for digital staff


"Change charity, and charity can change the world."

Dan Pallotta

A year from now - where do you want to be, what impact do you want to make?

Let's get started!

shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Let's chat.

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