40 captions done-for-you so you can save time and click “send” while enjoying your morning cup of coffee!

No more wondering what to write or staring at the screen waiting for the right words to come out. 



40 Social Media Captions for Nonprofits 

These captions are crafted specifically for nonprofits with 5 themes:

1. Motivation - Sharing inspirational messages
2. Your Why - Tell the story behind the cause
3. Ask - Making the ask for donations, volunteers 
4. Highlighting Cause/Staff 
5. The Necessities - Read the blog, new update, going Live

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All you need to do is copy, edit, and upload!

All captions can be used across multiple social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

This covers MORE than a month's worth of content and you can constantly tweak and edit to use over and over. 

Handwritten by Yours Truly


Crafting a strong caption is KEY to seeing social media engagement on your posts. Use the templates provided to customize using your organization's tone, persona and character.