15 Canva templates ready to be customized and make you a graphic designer extraordinaire! 

All graphics are all square - 1080 x 1080



15 Canva Templates for Nonprofits 

How much time do you spend searching through hundreds of Canva templates trying to find which one fits your brand and the message you're trying to get across?

These 15 Canva templates were designed specifically for nonprofits to:
1. Show your impact
2. Share a motivational message
3. Inspire giving
4. Spread the word about your cause

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This kit contains three different color themes that can all be edited to fit your brand colors.

This allows you to create cohesive posts that all correlate to one another.

I can't wait to see your posts!

Designed by a Female Entrepreneur


All of these Canva templates were hand designed by an incredible colleague and fellow female entrepreneur, Hanna Snyder. (https://hannasnyder.com/)