When's the last time you felt INSPIRED by a speaker at an event? Hold that thought. When's the last time you felt CONFIDENT learning a new skill from a speaker that you could take home and implement immediately? 

My sessions are intentionally designed to do both. Let's work together!

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I equip your audience with new skills and learnings.

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I strive to evoke confident to develop impactful strategies.

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I create interactive virtual and in-person workshops and keynotes.

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previous speaking engagements have included:

Pick from one or more of the below topics to build a professional development series, keynote or workshop for your organization. Length can be customized.

Featured Workshops & Keynotes

Looking to increase brand awareness, convert one-time donors to recurring supporters, and increase online donations? Let’s break down the myths and common difficulties of social ads to showcase how they can be a great resource for all size organizations to amplify their message to new and current audiences.

3 Social Media Ad Strategies - Which One Works For Your Nonprofit?

How To Use Social Media Ads To Raise Brand Awareness & Funds Online

Ever wonder what made you pause on that post, hit like to engage, or donate? The key to building a digital strategy that works is DATA. When you align your organization's goals with the right social media strategies, you'll start to see instant results! In this session, I'll guide you through a DIY Social Media Audit to leverage your online data to attract new donors or accomplish any goal!

How Nonprofits Can Leverage Social Media Data & Analytics to Attract New Donors

We're often so focused on our organization's mission that we miss out on the opportunity to connect through relationships. Without realizing it, we curb our impact and diminish our influence when we hold back from telling our unique story. 

How do we release our internal self-doubt, imposter syndrome and comparison mentality to grow visibility for our personal brands and thought leadership

Through a series of comedic stories, Dana will share hard-won personal branding lessons that will help you gain credibility and be recognized as a thought leader in your industry. 

Your Story is Worthy Too 

What creates a movement? Why do we become so invested? And...how do we create the same excitement and experience for our organizations? This workshop dives into the tactical components to creating an online movement.

Turn Your Mission Into A Movement

This media kit includes Dana's bio, list of top keynote sessions, and testimonials from live and virtual events.

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amanda dafonte, network for good

She takes the time not only to explain key concepts, but show them in action. She was able to introduce new topics and techniques to our audience that left them feeling inspired, rather than overwhelmed. I would absolutely recommend any kind of learning coming from Dana.

Dana is an engaging, energetic, and incredibly knowledgeable speaker! Her presentation makes you feel like you are sitting in the room with her.

floyd jones, givebutter

I loved how she leveled with our audience. Instead of speaking in terms that no one understood, she directly opened up her ads account and SHOWED us how to build an ad. She worked with us and was invested in our success. Dana is a dynamic, gifted speaker who provides insight and excitement. We can't wait to have her back!

Dana is a social media and digital marketing TITAN! Her points were timely, effective, and engaging. 


Her interactive workshop helped session-goers learn how to analyze their audience and create purpose-driven content, yielding impactful results. Attendees provided positive feedback, saying that Dana was both knowledgeable and highly engaging. Dana was a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended!

"Dana was a fantastic asset at the 2019 Dress for Success Affiliate Leadership Conference in Vancouver, Canada, where she shared her expertise in nonprofit digital strategies."


What I loved was the number and value of the tools she gave us right out of the gate. Her ideas were so amazing and inspired creativity around events that I haven't felt since Covid hit. AMAZING!”

“Dana's webinar was by far the most valuable webinar I've ever attended. In fact, I'd rate this above any Convention session I've ever attended."


She is clearly an expert in her field and easily conveyed her knowledge to even those of us that are less social media savvy. Positive Equation is an investment for any nonprofit, not an expense!”

“Dana gets five stars from Take Stock in Children! Dana presented content that is informative, engaging, and actionable for all levels."

Joe huber, sprout social

"Dana Bakich is professional, smart, and sharp on the fly. She moves with the flow of the conversation and elevates the quality of both production and content."

A.J. Steinberg, CFRE

Working with Dana Snyder of Positive Equation will be a real game-changer for organizations that want to ramp up their social media presence, expand their support base, and attract sponsors.

Dana's impressive background working with for-profit media and entertainment gives her a unique perspective when it comes to attracting audiences and converting viewers into supporters. Dana infuses all her training and presentations with positive energy, innovative ideas, and tangible takeaways for organizations.

Dana has worked with Movember, Dress for Success, USTA, American Idol, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Coin Up, Hashtag Lunchbag, and many more.

Earlier in her career, she spent time in New York City working on business development and client management for some of the most notable sports, entertainment, and consumer brands in the US.

Dana frequently speaks on innovative ways for nonprofits to increase their online fundraising efforts. She’s been a featured speaker at We Are For Good, WISE Los Angeles, YNPN, Television Academy Foundation, NonprofitWebAdvisor, Sprout Social, Givebutter, Dress for Success, and many more.

She believes social media is a powerful vehicle to spark social change.

Why Dana Snyder?

Dana Snyder is the founder and CEO of Positive Equation, a digital consultancy focused on teaching nonprofits how to transform their online experiences to attract recurring donors

I’ll push you to think outside the box. You might even feel a bit uncomfortable trying something new - but as we all know, growth doesn’t happen in comfort zones. 

My Mission is To be Your resource & partner in helping You amplify Your mission through innovative digital marketing & technology.


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