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Get ready to rock-n-roll in Nashville, TN, at the Raise fundraising conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum!

Sept 9 & 10

Get ready to rock-n-roll in Nashville, TN, at the Raise fundraising conference!

Sept 9 & 10

Five Ways Social Media Can Increase Donations

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s no secret that social media is a great way to provide donors with another outlet to support your cause. But what are tactical ways to make this happen?

1. Create compelling content

Does your content pull people in? Does your copy target the types of donors you are trying to reach? Do you have a direct link your donation page?

In order to appeal to donors, your content must be emotionally appealing. They need to see that the need is urgent and that their donation will make an impact.

2. Caption your videos

Statistics state 85% of people don’t listen to sound to videos posted on social media. It’s VERY important for there to be captions when important dialogue is in your videos.

3. Add a donate button

Use the Facebook donate button on select posts. This shouldn’t be used everytime you post, but make it a habit of thinking through your content and if a donate button makes sense to add.

4. Utilize Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook Fundraisers are one of the best resources you have for reaching donors! Last year on #GivingTuesday, Facebook removed their 5% fee.

You heard right, you get 100% of ALL money raised. Learn more here.

Facebook Fundraisers are a great way to get people involved with your organization year-round. Remind followers that your organization is available as an option to celebrate their birthday and ask friends and family to donate to a fundraiser!

5. Plan giving into your content calendar

Pick key times on your content calendar to schedule posts about donations. This plan will look different depending on your organization’s needs.

Social media is a great tool for attracting donors and raising funds, so make sure to use these tips! We believe that social media can and should be used for good. What is the mission that you are trying to share with the world?


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