What if you could grow your email list with passionate supporters ready to rally behind your mission in under an hour?

Grow Your supporter list ADS course

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By creating a value-based lead magnet and targeting the RIGHT audience online with Facebook and Instagram ads to cultivate emails.

In this one-hour course, you'll learn how to launch (2) different social media ad lead generation campaigns, the budget you need, ideas for content & copy, and how to measure success!

*You should have a basic understanding of ads and your ads manager account active for this course.

No one wants to join another email newsletter...so how do you grow your list?

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Grow Your Supporter List  

Learn how to launch two lead generation social ads on Facebook and Instagram to instantly attract the right people and grow your email list with passionate new supporters.

It's true. No one wants to join another email newsletter, HOWEVER, they will provide their email for a value-based resource.

We'll cover what this means and examples to start brainstorming!

Real talk. Ads take funds, but how much?
Leads ads can vary from $1 up.

I'll provide a way to track average cost per lead, sample budget, and what content + copy works with examples!

Here's What You'll Learn in 60 Minutes

Create Your Lead Magnet

Campaign Prep: Budget, Content & Copy



Running an ad is one thing, but understanding if it worked is another.

Did your ad work? Did your website form not convert well?

We'll review what metrics matter for both lead generation campaigns right in Ads Manager with real data.

How To Track Success


I'll teach step-by-step how to create two different lead generation campaigns:

- Using Facebook's Built-In Form with users never leaving Facebook

- Sending your traffic directly to a form build on your own website

Ad Creation: Facebook Forms + On-Site 

VIDEO 3 & 4



Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style

Follow a proven roadmap

Be able to setup a 2 different lead generation ad campaigns

Build a value-based lead magnet to attract new supporters

No more endless Google searches on what *might* work

Learn what goes into creating a successful Facebook and Instagram Ad

By joining Grow Your Supporter List,
you will...


Hey! I'm Dana

I believe positive stories of change can transform our world to be a better place.

That’s why I help heart-driven nonprofit professionals aka YOU cultivate a passionate audience of donors, partners, and advocates through digital marketing strategies.

I've spent a decade working in digital marketing and 7+ years running social media ads for large corporate enterprises and small nonprofits.

let's make facebook do the hard work for you. ready to get started?

your coach & cheerleader

I'm really busy right now, what if I don't have time to complete the course?

Completely understand this one and no worries! This course is ALL go-at-your-own-pace. Jump around lessons, re-watch, and rewind as much as you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course content?

This is a lifetime program! 

I don't know if we have enough budget for social ads...

You can always start small, BUT you'll see a greater impact with the suggested amounts I provide.

I want private 1:1 help, is that possible?

Yes! This is totally optional, but you can request to book a video review OR 60-minute call with an ads expert on our team to review your ads campaign. Email info@positiveequation.com

After 14 days, if you don't find this to be an effective method we're happy to offer a refund.

We know every dollar is SO important to your organization.

We want you to be 100% satisfied and confident in your purchase but we also need you to give your best effort to watch the lessons and apply the trainings inside your organization. For a refund, you must have completed all of the videos and submit screenshots of your ads running.

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