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When's the last time you checked your online donation process? 😳

I'm a BIG fan of finding platforms for my clients that make their lives easier and increase donations.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have an automated system in place to convert one-time donors to recurring donors?

Fundraise Up individualizes the donation experience using AI-optimized suggested donation amounts, intelligently converts
one-time donors to recurring supporters, and 92% of donors cover all processing costs, including the cost to use
Fundraise Up.

And yes, you read that right...92% of donors cover ALL the processing costs, so there's NO fee to use Fundraise Up.

No monthly or annual fees. No contract. 

Dana Snyder provided our organization, the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy, with an excellent Fundraise Up on-boarding session.

We are very excited that our donor experience will be much more user-friendly, and more individually catered to people's interests in the different aspects of the work we do. And Dana herself is a delightful, cheerful, organized, knowledgeable person to work with!

- Joanie McGuffin, Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy

Nodding your head? Keep reading! 

You want a donation tool that will integrate with your existing CRM

You're ready to stop wasting money and time on platforms that don't work

You currently raise more than $100k online annually.

You want to make it simple and easy for donors to give with multiple payment options

Let's Work Together If...

You want to increase your online donation conversion rate

increase in recurring monthly digital donors

increase in digital revenue

of donors cover processing fees


*Fundraise Up Case Study, Positive Equation did not implement their donation elements



Fundraise Up x UNICEF USA Case Study

What does Fundraise Up look like in action? Join myself and Nic Miller from Fundraise Up for a demo of their incredible donation tools.
(previously live)

Watch a Fundraise Up Demo

During the 2-hour onboarding call, we'll work with your team to set up your Fundraise Up Dashboard and add 2-3 donation elements to your site.

We'll send you a packet to get started and schedule a time for a 2-hour onboarding call.  

Fill out the application below with information about your organization and current online fundraising process.

Don't worry about the tech or where the code needs to go. Save hours of time and headaches. With 4 simple steps, you'll be raising more donations!

Done In A Day: Fundraise Up Onboarding 

You'll receive a recording of the call to make any future changes or add new donation elements.

One-Time Payment of $597


"Dana is absolutely fabulous! She's brilliant, patient and thoughtful. We were able to integrate the new fundraising system within a couple of hours and in the first week we saw an increase in donations!"

- Bernie Gengel, Be Like Brit

Hey! I'm Dana

I love researching new platforms and solutions for nonprofits to reach more supporters and grow their impact.

I love Fundraise Up's mission and donation tools. I'm excited for my team to help get you onboarded and see donations come flying in! 

With 10+ years of experience in digital marketing, I've had the pleasure of working with Movember, Dress for Success, USTA, American Idol, The Global Foodbanking Network, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Holocaust Museum LA, LA84 Foundation, and many more wonderful organizations on their social media strategies.

I'm based in Atlanta, GA, LOVE to travel anywhere new, and usually can find me with a nice glass of cabernet at the end of the day. 

I believe positive stories of change can transform our world to be a better place.

My Story

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