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#1 Way To Grow Better Relationships with Your Donors AND Increase Gifts with Floyd Jones

Reading Time: 4 minutes

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This episode is presented by Givebutter and MemoryFox.

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If you are not familiar with Floyd Jones, Community and Partnerships Lead at Givebutter, allow me to introduce you to one of my FAVORITE people on this planet! 

Floyd’s energy and kindness radiates when you’re in his presence, and today, we sat down in real life (in my podcast studio in Atlanta!) to talk about segmenting your audiences for GivingTuesday success, social media as a catalyst for growth, and how Givebutter is going big this year (hint: you could be eligible for up to $5,000, but you have to act fast).

Check out https://givebutter.com/giving-tuesday for more information and to apply.

How social media plays a role in nurturing community 

Givebutter recognizes that they are a catalyst for more growth and more power when they empower their change-makers and make their followers and donors feel like they are part of a movement.

And it all comes back to listening to what they want, whether it’s more live streams, sharing a funny meme, or creating a video that’s been requested. Recently, Floyd has been loving the creation of reels – they’re quick, fun, motivational, and encouraging.

So often, social media can feel like a free tool that can help you reach a crazy amount of people and you can so easily just push out content when we actually need to be talking and listening to our people. We have to remember that social media was meant to be social!

The reason we follow our favorite accounts is because we feel like we’re a part of something and they’re inviting us in.

What Givebutter is working on for this year’s GivingTuesday

Givebutter is going big this year. They’re donating $50,000 (!!) to grassroots nonprofits!

If you are actively mobilizing your community, you could be eligible to win one of the awards. 

Floyd shares they’ll be actively blasting news about the campaign to their 20,000 email subscribers and aggregating other organizations and campaigns that other people can support as well.

Check out https://givebutter.com/giving-tuesday for more information and to apply.

Segmenting your donor communications with the 3 M’s

Floyd has a perfect alliteration for us to remember as we’re segmenting our donor communication efforts: Meaning, Message, and Momentum.


It’s always important to know the meaning behind the metrics. It’s easy to look at the top line, like, how much money did we bring in last year? What is our recurring giving program looking like? What was our biggest grant? What were our registration numbers? If you’re growing from 500,000 to 600,000, that’s amazing, but how many of those people were continued donors? How many of those people were lapsed donors? How many people came back?


If you’re using spreadsheets and haven’t fully tapped into the power of segmentation, start with one bucket of your donors. For example, your largest donors. Set a goal around it, like 20% of those donors giving more than what they donated last year. There are so many different ways to personalize the messaging.


Communicate a strategic message to your donors to build momentum! This could convert a casual donor into a recurring donor or inspire a donor to encourage their friends to get on board. Don’t forget about donors who created fundraising campaigns during last year’s Giving Tuesday, too. It’s as simple as asking, “I know you supported us last year, would you like to join us again this year?”

Floyd’s Ask

Floyd wants us to keep spreading the word about what Givebutter is doing. You don’t have to be using Givebutter to spread awareness about their campaigns, whether it’s their campaign for Black Philanthropy month, or Giving Tuesday. You may know of an organization that is in need of those funds.

They also have lots of new products coming out, including Givebutter Auctions. Create your FREE account here!

Notable Quotes from Floyd

“The thing that I’ve learned that really keeps me in fundraising and keeps the momentum going is the people. I always say your power is in your people. If you want to do anything great, it’s about your people. And fundraising is a direct, beautiful way of mobilizing your people, [and] bringing together your community for collective action. And that’s the thing that’s really kept me going.”

“Everyone talks about donor fatigue, people aren’t answering my emails, people aren’t donating, people are responding. Let me tell you something: if you lose a donor, the current standard right now of recapturing that donor is 4%. Wow. 4%! So don’t lose this donor, because let me tell you now, it’s gonna be extra hard. And guess what? You spend more money trying to get new donors than you spend on just maintaining the donors that you have.”

Resources & Links

Learn more about Givebutter’s Giving Tuesday hub and submit your own campaign for a chance to win! You can also connect with Floyd on LinkedIn.

Set up a demo with one of MemoryFox’s Set storytelling experts at memoryfox.io/dana, plus get 10% off!

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