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3 Must-Have Tools Nonprofits Need For Live Streaming


If you haven’t gone LIVE yet, you should!

The three must-have tools below are all you need to rock a live stream, webinar, or up the production value for a zoom call.

I’ve been working with numerous clients on producing lives and these are the products I personally use as well.

1. Audio: People need to HEAR you.

Microphone: The Blue Yeti is an incredible professional-grade microphone. I love it! Click here to buy for $ 129.

2. Lighting – People need to SEE you clearly

Ring Light: No more pixelated video, a simple ring light makes a world of difference without having to buy a fancy webcam. Click here to buy for $26.99.

3. Livestream Software – Integrate fun and interactive features with multiple guests

StreamYard:  My go-to livestream production studio. It allows you to stream live across multiple social networks – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. You can also have up to six people live at once with lower-thirds, banners, add videos, and more. Click here for my referral link for $10 off. 

Here’s a look at live streams using StreamYard, the Yeti mic, and proper lighting:

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