3 Tips On How To Make Your Content Stand Out

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We spend so much time on the hamster wheel of creating content, but oftentimes only 1-3% of our audience are actually seeing our posts. 

What if we started asking ourselves, what would my audience find valuable today? How can I start a conversation and generate engagement? 

If you’re a content creator OR you’re tasked with creating content for your organization, this is the episode for you as I dive into 3 of my favorite tips to make your content stand out. Hint: you’ll want a pen and paper ready for tip #3!

1. Document everywhere you’re publishing content.

To get started, think about every single place where you’re creating content. I’m talking about everything – blogs, email, LinkedIn, and everything in between.

Now that you’ve got your list, boil it down to these simple questions:

What’s working?

What’s not working?

Are the platforms you’re spending the most time on reaping the most rewards? Consider where you’re getting the most engagement and communication from your supporters. Is that in a Facebook Group or in Instagram DMs?

Don’t forget about which channels are driving the most traction to your website, too. Google Analytics is your BFF for figuring this out.

As you’re doing this assessment, the best takeaway you’ll have is whether your time is actually best spent on the platforms you’re spending the most time on.

2. You don’t have to be on every platform!

I am giving you permission right here, right now: you don’t have to be on every platform!

Here’s an example. I’m not super active on Twitter, but I know some of my audience might be. If you visit my Twitter profile, I pinned a tweet to the top of my feed that shares some of my favorite resources and programs. I also encourage followers to visit me on LinkedIn, so there’s some cross-promotion happening.

There’s also a new and fascinating trend that’s been happening on Instagram. It’s this thought of having only 9 posts on your main feed that represent who you are, why you do it, how to get involved, your values, relevant programs, you name it!

See it in action here on Jordan’s profile, @systemssavedme.

What inspired this change?

Reels are quickly providing the majority of reach and it’s the direction that Instagram is going in as a business. The logic of posting the nine videos is you can then retarget those who have watched them through Facebook Ads Manager. It’s brilliant.

3. Slow down your hamster wheel of creating content and shift to planning.

This might be my favorite tip, as it has a fun exercise attached to it. Grab a paper and pen and jot down answers to the following questions:

  1. Make a list of all the topics you could talk about for more than 20 minutes if somebody approached you.
  2. What questions could you answer about those topics?
  3. What platforms are people using to find the answers to these questions? Are they going to be on YouTube, or Instagram, or furiously Googling?

Once you have this list in front of you, process is key and you’re gonna have to prioritize where you should post and why. Creating quality content will fast-track your growth and provide value.

When you have a piece of content created, don’t forget to take yourself back to these questions before you hit publish:

  1. What would my audience find valuable today?
  2. How can I start a meaningful conversation here?
  3. What’s the right next step for that person and the right call to action for them to take after viewing this post?

Notable Quote from Dana

“If you’re an expert in something, the more you can talk about it, the more “niche” you can get into it, the more you’re going to attract exactly the right person that wants to find that information.”

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