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Best of: 5 Things Nonprofit Marketers Need to Hear Right Now

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Get ready for some motivation and timely wisdom as we head into giving season from four of our amazing guests, plus a bonus tip from me that you won’t want to miss!

We’ll throw light on the power of understanding culture, the impact of novelty in marketing, and how a simple website hack could make a HUGE impact in boosting your online donations.

Floyd Jones energizes us with a message about staying donor-focused. It can shift your perspective from the “moment” to the movement of your cause.

Be inspired by Marcus Collins as he introduces us to his framework for finding true believers and cultivating enduring relationships.

Allow Jenny Nuccio’s heartwarming message to uplift you, reminding us all how significant our work truly is.

In a world where attention spans are shrinking, Vik Harrison offers her 3-part marketing strategy designed to help you think differently. We’ll delve into a unique example of how an unconventional visual display at Saks Fifth Avenue was used by charity: water to make an impact.

As we prepare to enter a season where we can feel burnt out, tired, and stretched, hopefully, this episode will offer inspiration and encouragement.

Resources & Links

Follow this episode’s amazing contributors: Floyd Jones, Dr. Marcus Collins, Jenny Nuccio, and Vik Harrison.

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