Embracing the Wild Journey of Self-Publishing with Jenny Nuccio

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Ever wondered about the ins and outs of self-publishing a book and the journey that comes with it? I’m so thrilled to have Imani Collective founder and CEO Jenny Nuccio back on the show to share the story behind her incredible accomplishment of writing her second book, Let It Be Wild. Join us as we dive into the writing process, the growth of Imani Collective, and the inspiration that fueled her journey.

Jenny also reveals exciting details about their sustainability focus and how she plans to embark on a book tour with purpose.

To wrap up our inspiring and insightful chat, Jenny encourages us all to embrace failure as a learning opportunity, refining our character in the process. Plus, you’ll hear some of Jenny’s favorite book recommendations to fuel your own writing journey.


Resources & Links

Connect with Jenny on her personal website and learn more about Imani Collective. Her brand new book, Let It Be Wild, can be purchased on Amazon, or through her website where you can also see the dates for her upcoming book tour.

Applications for my Monthly Giving Mastermind program are now open. If you have been wanting to start a monthly giving program but haven’t had the time or the team to make it happen, this is for you. We start in July, so apply now!

Jenny recommends the books Crazy Love by Francis Chan, You Be You by Jamie Ivey, and From Basement to Sanctuary by Holly Hayes. She also loves the podcast Plucking Up with Liz Bohannon.

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