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Get ready to rock-n-roll in Nashville, TN, at the Raise fundraising conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum!

Sept 9 & 10

Get ready to rock-n-roll in Nashville, TN, at the Raise fundraising conference!

Sept 9 & 10

From Drybar to Squeeze: Brittany Driscoll Shares How To Make A Brand A Household Name

Reading Time: 4 minutes

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Brittany Driscoll is building the feel good revolution… and who doesn’t want to be a part of that?! Before launching her incredible massage franchise called Squeeze which now has 45+ locations (my FAVORITE place to get massages), Brittany spent 4 years at Drybar as Vice President of Marketing, where she helped skyrocket the company from $30 million to more than $100 million dollars in revenue! Do I have your attention yet? 

Now in her new venture at Squeeze, we talk about what it takes to actually establish brand awareness in new markets, the importance of marketing and branding, and a few key steps you can take right now to improve your self-care routine.

What makes Squeeze so unique in the marketplace 

After a few years scaling Drybar, (one of THE biggest blow dry bar franchises), Brittany was ready for a new path – something in the startup world that she could build and scale, and it was through her time at Drybar that she was gently reminded of what would become Squeeze:

“[Our founders] very kindly reminded me that they had always had this other idea in the back of their mind. They, of course, just didn’t have the bandwidth to get it off the ground!”

Squeeze creates an affordable, luxury massage experience with so many surprise and delight moments. Their technology completely sets them apart from a high-end hotel spa, or on the flip side, a discount massage chain.

Their end-to-end platform transforms what could be a pretty basic, standard massage experience into something SO much more. And I can attest to it, having been numerous times in Los Angeles. Picture an app where you can select if you want oil or lotions, the scent you want, the temperature of the room, the pressure, and even the areas you want concentrated on the most. It’s so personalized and it’s all taken care of before you even enter the room.

Brittany shares that she wants the Squeeze experience to feel like the best part of someone’s day. It’s a beautifully grounding experience and a great way to give yourself the gift of self-care.

How to establish brand awareness to successfully enter new markets 

Squeeze is built off a franchise model, which was a core decision. Brittany loves the idea of giving other health and wellness entrepreneurs the ability to bring this amazing concept into their communities, and it’s wild that they have over 45 locations now in development. A year ago, she had only ONE!

When it comes to entering new markets, Brittany’s advice is sound: you can’t outspend a bad location. She considers what other tenants may be in the area, and do they align with a similar lifestyle?

Building relationships and partnering with local businesses in the area has also been hugely successful. When Squeeze first launched, Brittany partnered with PLATEFIT, a high-intensity interval training workout in Sherman Oaks, and offered neck and shoulder massages after classes ended. It was a perfect way to tease out Squeeze’s services and invite fitness-goers into their space for the full experience.

They also partner with local influencers. Most of the PR coverage is local – but the most important thing is ensuring all of their strategies feel genuine. Brittany says that Squeeze is a “feel good” company.

And every decision they make boils down to this one, powerful question: does this feel good?

How Squeeze approaches marketing and relevancy 

Good marketing makes you feel something positive, but it also adds value. In every part of the customer journey Brittany is creating at Squeeze, she asks herself, how are we making them feel? Are we educating them? Are we providing value to their experience?

The vibe you get from Squeeze online completely translates in real life. Their massage therapists have iPads in the room where they can review all of the personalized preferences their guests put in. If someone is there for sports recovery, or a prenatal massage, those are two entirely different experiences that they are curating.

Brittany emphasizes this point and tells us why relevancy matters. If you’re just putting out a generic message, it’s not going to hit people in the same way. They use Klaviyo to handle some of this customer segmentation.

From a support standpoint, Brittany is well-equipped! She has a Head of Marketing, a creative agency, a PR agency, a social media agency, and a digital agency. Using a lot of different partners has helped her bring the Squeeze brand to life across many channels.

Brittany’s Ask

Brittany’s goal is to continue scaling Squeeze and spreading the word about her unique concept! If you know ANYONE who loves health and wellness, wants to be a small business owner, and is passionate about helping others and making them feel good, have them start their own Squeeze location! 

She says, “I’m very passionate about building a community and network of owners. The beauty of franchising is you’re doing something alongside people who are doing the exact same thing in a different city. That feels really special and cool to me as we grow as a company.”

Notable Quotes from Brittany

“Good marketing at the end of the day does two things: it makes you feel something hopefully positive, and it helps you add value. What we try to think about in every stage of someone’s journey is how are we making them feel? And are we educating them? Are we providing value to their experience?”

“The hour to hour and a half that a guest chooses to spend with us is the best hour to hour and a half of their day, combined with the fact that our massage therapists went to school to help and heal people. It really is such a beautiful, wonderful, grounding experience.”

Resources & Links

Applications are now open for my 2023 mastermind to help 5 organizations build and launch their monthly giving programs! Find out more and apply here. 

Follow Brittany on Instagram at @britdrisc and check out Squeeze on their website and Instagram at @squeeze.

Brittany recommends we check out the astrology app, The Pattern. She also loves following @adamgrant and @jamesclear on Instagram for their personal development wisdom and mindset around habits.

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