How this Nonprofit Event Attracts 25k Registrants via Digital Marketing with Cameron Ripley

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Want to explore the exciting nexus of digital marketing and the nonprofit world? Join me and the insightful Cameron Ripley from Community Boost as we navigate this intricate landscape. Together, we reveal strategies to elevate your nonprofit’s online presence, discuss the fine art of balancing core channels with new ones, and shed light on the upcoming Nonprofit Marketing Summit (click here to register for FREE!).

Have you ever wondered about the pros and cons of organic reach and remarketing on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube? Cameron and I dissect these strategies, providing you with actionable insights. We also compare the targeting methodologies unique to LinkedIn and YouTube. Hear about how the Nonprofit Marketing Summit made its grand entrance amid the global pandemic and learn from our experiences.

We also broach the crucial topic of building engagement and growth within nonprofits. We stress the importance of creative calls to action, selecting quality speakers, and the potential benefits of monthly giving programs. 

Cameron also shares his vision for Community Boost’s future, gives a primer on continuous learning and professional development, and provides valuable tips on how to register for the Nonprofit Marketing Summit and the process of giving feedback. Be prepared to walk away from this episode armed with a wealth of knowledge and strategies that could revolutionize your nonprofit’s digital journey!


Resources & Links

Connect with Cameron at cameron@communityboost.org and you can also find him on LinkedIn. Learn more about Community Boost on their website and don’t forget to sign up for the Nonprofit Marketing Summit!

When 25,000 like-minded nonprofit professionals gather, you know it’s going to be a good time! Click here to save your seat to the Nonprofit Marketing Summit, a free, 3-day virtual event from August 22nd-24th. Access 75 sessions from over 100+ of the top thought leaders in our sector!

Hire me as your fractional digital marketing manager! Together, we can help you prep and run your Giving Tuesday and year-end campaigns, from optimizing your online donations, running social ads, reviewing your email sequences, and planning your campaign strategies. Send me an email at info@positiveequation.com to learn more.

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