How To Activate the Thought Leader Within You with Joey Womack from Goodie Nation

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Joey Womack has done an exceptional job developing his personal brand as a thought leader, in addition to founding Goodie Nation, a nonprofit agency that celebrates diverse founders and social entrepreneurs. 

He’s been featured on Techstars, has been an instructor with General Assembly, plus he has over 13,000 followers on LinkedIn, and 57,000 followers on Instagram!

We’re diving into all things thought leadership today: why Joey is tactical about contributing content on LinkedIn and why we need to “get over ourselves” when it comes to sharing our voice in a bigger way with the world. As a founder, you have a responsibility to be a leader and to build a strong brand.

Prepare to be inspired and fall head over heels for Joey’s wisdom and the mission of Goodie Nation. 

Sneak Peek:

In This Episode:

  • The magic of intersecting a) what you’re upset with most in the world, b) what you were like as a 4th/5th grader, and c) your family member’s skills and jobs, to discover who you are as a human.
  • 3 core responsibilities of a CEO and why it’s worth investing in your brand in order to best execute your vision.
  • How Joey forced himself to simplify when it comes to delivering amazing presentations on stage.
  • Why founders should be great storytellers in order to stand out.
  • Personal branding and thought leadership evolves over time. Joey explains why it’s essential to be thinking about what the next 10 years from now will look like.
  • The secret to unlocking MAJOR visibility on LinkedIn without having to write your own posts.

Joey’s Ask

Joey would love for you to spend ONE hour this month thinking about how you can support diverse founders. Do you know who could become a potential customer or investor? Or simply just share their story.

Notable Quotes from Joey

“Founders think that they are solving problems for their customers or users, but what they’re really doing is building an expression about who they are as humans. For the entrepreneurs out there – for all the other people doing kind of purpose-driven work – if you understand what you’re actually doing, the things that you’re naturally tracking toward, from a solution standpoint, that gives you an insight into who you are as a human.”

“Know who you are as a human. And it is an exercise – spend some time understanding who you truly are, what really keeps you up, what motivates you, and then start talking about it. Very tactically, the things that upset you most in the world – the intersection of what you’re naturally good at and what your parents or family did, if you could turn those into hashtags, then add them to some of your social media profiles and follow them, particularly on Twitter and/or LinkedIn, you will start to bubble up things that you’re naturally drawn to. And then start commenting on those.”

Resources & Links

Connect with Joey on LinkedIn (be sure to mention the Missions to Movements Podcast when you reach out!) and learn more about his work at Goodie Nation. Tune in to his podcast, Why Relationships Matter.

Download the Hive Life Plan workbook.

Check out Joey’s book recommendations: Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together & Others Don’t by Simon Sinek and 4th & Goal Every Day: Alabama’s Relentless Pursuit of Perfection by Phil Savage and Ray Glier.

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