How To Apply Ethical Storytelling to Your Marketing Efforts with Maria Bryan

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Today, we’re exploring the depth and responsibility of trauma-informed storytelling with Maria Bryan, who will guide us through the intricate process of sharing these sensitive narratives within the nonprofit marketing world, ensuring that the dignity of those who have bravely lived these stories is not compromised. 

Maria’s expertise in trauma-informed storytelling will light a path for marketers and communicators to follow as she breaks down the differences between story owners, storytellers, and story receivers, and why consent is so important.

You’ll hear how Thistle Farms uses consent forms, the comprehensive resources you can find at Ethical Storytelling, and how nonprofits can empower individuals to share their experiences on their own terms with respectful and protective practices. 


Resources & Links

Connect with Maria on her website and LinkedIn, and tune in to her podcast, When Bearing Witness, to further explore trauma-informed storytelling.

Visit Ethical Storytelling to access a free media consent form.

Maria recommends looking at Thistle Farms’ Instagram and specifically looking at this post. She also recommends the Love 146 Language & Media Guide.

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