How to Approach Nonprofit Corporate Sponsorships -

How to Approach Nonprofit Corporate Sponsorships

How has your nonprofit approached corporate sponsorships?

Giving sponsors a shoutout via a “tweet” or a “Facebook Post” isn’t meaningful.

Plus, with events going virtual, is that slide you created with a million logos that will show on a computer screen for maybe a second — of value to anyone?

Have you stopped to ask your sponsors what they actually want?

What if a few simple changes could:

  • Build a more impactful and long-term relationship with your business partners.
  • Create high-quality content that your online audience WANTS to engage with.
  • Cultivate a more passionate online following of donors, volunteers & advocates.
  • Turn your social media channels into revenue streams.

This process is repeatable and completely do-able.

I’ve created a workshop that guides you through a phased approach to creating and pitching a Digital Sponsorship Content Series. That’s all fancy language for content that you and a sponsor collaborate on together while amplifying your mission.

Plus, you’ll be learning from other nonprofits who have years of experience creating and adding value to their corporate sponsors & donors alike.

For example, here’s a conversation I had recently with Vik Harrison from charity: water. 

Interested? Let’s talk and start learning together.


Charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 

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