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Today’s episode is one of my favorites. It’s another Ask Me Anything!

We’re going to get real nitty gritty into what exactly can drive donor action on social media and how to deal when you’re posting every single day on multiple platforms and not seeing traction. How can you build interest and momentum in your cause?

Learn about my ideal client avatar exercise and my #1 favorite place to source inspiration for campaigns (hint: it’s free!)

Create your ideal donor avatar 

What do you do if you find yourself in a predicament where no one (outside of people you already know) are donating to your organization? How can you build interest in your cause when you’re making the effort to post on social media daily?

My #1 trick?

Create your Ideal Donor Avatar.

Who exactly is your audience?

Where do they shop? When are they on social media? How old are they? What do they come to social media for?

Every single organization should build their social media strategy around this question and picture one individual that they are creating content for. If you’re intrigued and ready to learn my entire process, watch my video on YouTube here.

Once you know your audience, you can create even more personalized content and platform-specific content. 

Spend your time and resources on the platforms where your audience shows up

There’s no point being on Pinterest if your audience isn’t even there, right? 

Each social media platform is consumed differently. Focus on posting interesting and engaging content on the platforms you know your ideal client avatar is already engaging with!

Let me give you a couple of examples:

I’m on Facebook, but primarily to engage in different groups. I run my own group, Nonprofit Social Media Marketers, and I’m part of multiple IVF and fertility groups. I rarely publish content to my Positive Equation Facebook page, since I noticed it doesn’t really gain a lot of traction when I do.

Think about Instagram. Why do you go on Instagram? Oftentimes when I use their platform, I’m looking for entertainment and inspiration. I want to feel moved, to learn something.

If you’re on Instagram right now, you can tell they L-O-V-E video content. What would your ideal audience love to see? Is there a reel or an Instagram Live waiting to happen?!

Using Facebook’s Ad Library for infinite inspiration 

One of my favorite places to get inspiration for paid advertising is actually a free resource from Facebook.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re on the brink of a solid brainstorming session for a future campaign, there’s no better place to peruse than the Facebook Ad Library. Here, you can see hundreds of thousands of pieces of content from other organizations who are running ads, which is perfect for obtaining new ideas.

Take World Wildlife Fund for example. Their ad reads, “We cannot afford to fail in our mission to save our living planet. Help WWF protect animals against the most pressing threats to their habitats.” They added a simple video and a call to action that links to their recurring donor program. I love that they didn’t use the word “donate” but their message was still loud and clear.

If you take the time to scroll through your favorite social media platforms, consider which ads you scroll past and which ones you stop on. Where do your eyes stop and why? How are people drawing you in? Think about that and have a different lens. Let it inform your strategy and inspire you!

Notable Quote from Dana

“For inspiration, for brainstorming, for ideas, there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of content in the Facebook Ads Library. It’s a great place to go.”


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This episode is presented by Feathr – Expand your reach, further your mission. Use Feathr’s digital marketing tools to increase awareness, boost online donations, promote events, recruit volunteers, and ultimately do more good. Learn More. 

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