How To Integrate AI in Your Nonprofit with Dena Vongchanh

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Want to make AI tools feel like a thought partner or a friend? Imagine using AI to craft personalized thank you letters to major donors, or to write grant letters in half the time. Join me on a captivating journey with Dena Vongchanh from the Family Giving Tree as we delve into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence in the nonprofit sector. 

Dena, with her unique role blending donor relations and data analytics, opens up about her self-taught journey into Salesforce, an intricate tool used to manage the complex tapestry of donor data. Serving as the backbone of the organization’s mission to spread joy, Salesforce (including their new Einstein GPT), has been a gamechanger, and Dena’s story is a testament to the power of investing in professional development.

As we explore deeper, you’ll be challenged to think about the ethical implications, maintaining donor privacy, and the balance between AI and human factors. Don’t miss Dena’s recommended reading on AI in the age of automation and all of her favorite tools that will help you streamline meetings, your calendar, and more. This episode is sure to satiate your curiosity about the effective use of AI in the nonprofit sphere.


Resources & Links

Connect with Dena on LinkedIn and learn more about Family Giving Tree.

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Dena recommends the following AI tools: ChatGPT for writing emails, UpdateAI for meeting notes and recaps, ReclaimAI for scheduling and calendar management, Einstein GPT to use with Salesforce. She also suggests the book Futureproof: 9 Rules for Humans in the Age of Automation, by Kevin Roose.

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