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"A masterclass in edutainment. They've mastered the balance between learning and fun."

How VING & The Archewell Foundation Will Provide 1,000 Teens with $1,000 Each To Instill A New Generation of Philanthropy

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One of my favorite things to do is kick off the year with positive, inspiring individuals like Liz Lefkofsky, a philanthropist and founder of the VING project, a giving movement that empowers 14-18 year old teens to help others. Liz has only ever worked in the nonprofit sector, recalling the early days of helping her mother stuff envelopes in support of the American Brain Tumor Association. 

Today, she is passionate and energized about the next generation. And through the magic of VING, Liz has shared the joy of philanthropy with thousands of teenagers, putting the power in their hands. Her hope is that someday when those teenagers are working adults, that they’ll be able to give $25 or $100 or even $1,000.

In this episode, Liz takes us behind the scenes into how she established a collaborative partnership with the one and only Meghan Markle, and why they’re on a mission to give 1,000 “VINGs” to uplift amazing women in need.

Sneak Peek:    

In This Episode:

  • Liz reveals why philanthropy is like “speed dating” and what stands out to her in a sea of grant applications
  • How Liz landed a dream partnership with Meghan Markle and her nonprofit organization, Archewell Foundation (in just 2 weeks!)
  • The hilarious story of how actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish became a spokesperson for Groupon
  • Why standout qualities like authenticity are most important when seeking a celebrity spokesperson or brand partner to represent your nonprofit
  • How to get your hands dirty and join a board or committee
  • Liz’s aspirational views of the next generation and why she firmly believes that every Fortune 500 CEO should run a non-profit for a year.

Liz’s Ask

Liz would love for you to share VING with the world and to check out the project she’s doing with the Duchess at The Archewell Foundation and Archetypes.

Notable Quotes from Liz

“I am excited about the next generation. I look around and the world is CRAZY. It’s been a crazy few years with COVID and everything else. And I am so hopeful and energized by watching the next generation. I feel like there are so many young, smart people, so much smarter than I ever was. Success is no longer “just money.” Thank goodness that that narrative is being adjusted and turned upside down, because this generation cares about working for places that are doing good.”

“Philanthropy from my viewpoint, is speed dating. I never want to waste someone’s time, so I have lots of little speed dates.”

Resources & Links

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Connect with Liz at liz@lff.com or on LinkedIn. She welcomes hearing from you! Learn more about VING and The Archewell Foundation.

Tune in to Meghan Markle’s podcast, Archetypes.

Discover the selfsea app from Pure Health Exchange.

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