How to Use Micro-Influencers to Raise Awareness of Your Product or Service -

How to Use Micro-Influencers to Raise Awareness of Your Product or Service


What are micro-influencers, you may ask? Micro-influencers by simple definition are social media users with anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 followers – and you’re able to use micro-influencers to raise awareness of your product and service!

With the amount of oversaturation in our digital space these days, it’s important that we invest in campaign efforts that will give us the strongest ROI in the long run and that will truly allow us to stand head and shoulders above the competition– influencer marketing can be just that if done correctly.

In our current digital landscape, people tend to trust micro-influencers over macro-influencers (or, celebrity influencers). On the flip side, they also trust micro-influencers 22.2x more than average users. Considering 70% of these micro-influencers tend to work on less than five marketing campaigns each year, their opinion is highly regarded and it’s easy to convert their following.

Here’s some actionable tips for how to use micro-influencers to raise awareness of your product or service:

  • Look at the audience you currently have surrounding your brand. Dive in to the people who already follow you who have a high following and who are already interested in your cause. This is the key way to cultivate community around common interests.Check out the social media tool SocialRank – SocialRank is an inexpensive tool (just $50/mo!) that allows you to see not only who your most valuable followers are, but also the ones who are the most engaged with you already.
  • Before choosing the influencer(s) you’re going to proceed with, check a few things:- Their engagement rate – this is key beyond the number of followers they have, because you want people genuinely engaging with the content of this influencer.- Their insights (analytics) – ask them to send you a screenshot of this data.- Their content and mission – do their values align with yours? Is their content appropriate across the board?
  • Think about your budget. 97% of micro-influencers charge less than $500 for a branded Instagram post and 87% charge less than $500 for a branded blog post, but some may agree to the gig simply for a swag kit – always tap into your negotiating skills.


I hope these ideas get you started on your micro-influencer journey! DM me on Instagram with any questions you may have, I’d love to answer. @positivequation 🙂


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