Ryan Reynolds, Dionna Dorsey Calloway & David Griner Are On A Mission To Change The Face of The Creative Industry – Are You In?

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What happens when you combine the genius of Ryan Reynolds, David Griner (Adweek’s International Editor and Host of the Adweek Podcast), and Dionna Dorsey Calloway (Founder of District of Clothing)? 

Together, they co-founded an incredible nonprofit called The Creative Ladder, focused on making creative industries more reflective of the communities they serve, while connecting, inspiring and elevating a new generation of creative leaders.

Today, I am honored to speak with Dionna about the launch of The Creative Ladder, its mission, and more importantly, how we can ALL play a part in changing the future of the creative industry together. 

Sneak Peek:

In This Episode:

  • How a chance invitation to Adweek’s Brandweek led Dionna to connect with Ryan Reynolds and David Griner
  • Dionna shares a behind the scenes look at what it was like to launch The Creative Ladder at the Cannes Film Festival
  • The power of intimate events and why The Creative Ladder focused on these tracks at their bootcamp: Advancement, Authenticity, and Focus
  • How we can help recruit the next generation of creative talent from underrepresented communities
  • Why having a strong sense of self leads to maximum creative output
  • The importance of making connections (including how I landed a senior position at a top PR agency through a LinkedIn message!)

Dionna’s Ask

To support The Creative Ladder’s mission, be an ally and an advocate and help them build awareness by sharing about their work on social media. 

You can also visit The Creative Ladder and sign up to be a mentor or make a donation. The goal is to knock down the obstacles for amazing, rising leaders.

Notable Quotes from Dionna

“Ryan has a huge heart. He leads with his heart. That’s why I agreed to be a part of this. Everything that we do has real intention and is really focused on humans.”

“Our goal is to recruit this next generation. Our goal is to train our current rising leaders, because they’re rising leaders, but they will absolutely be leaders of these various different creative industries in the very near future. I’m betting literally, my sleepless nights, and my long, long, exhausting, but amazing days on these young people.”

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Check out The Creative Ladder and follow them on Instagram at @creativeladderorg, along with their sister organization, Group Effort Initiative. And see what co-founder Ryan Reynolds wants you to know about his nonprofit in this short video.

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