Top 5 Social Media Tips for Your Next Gala

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We all know that hosting a gala is a fantastic way to fundraise for your organization or cause, but people often overlook the ways they could be leaving dollars on the table, or online! I teamed up with The Chronicle of Philanthropy to bring you this step-by-step article including my top five and most successful social media tips that will elevate your gala’s social media strategy!

Build Up the Buzz

This is all about the promotion ahead of time.

Make sure that you adequately prepare your own social media editorial calendar and begin engaging your sponsors, speakers and/or event headliners to also generate excitement around the event.

Offer Digital Sponsorship Opportunities

While social media mentions are frequently included as perks of sponsorship packages, there are innovative ways to create entirely digital sponsorship packages including multiple unique activations such as blog posts, live video takeovers and so much more.

Do a Live Broadcast on Facebook or Instagram Story with the Donate Button

The Donate Button is a fabulous feature of Facebook Live and within Instagram Stories that allows you to raise money during your live broadcast. This tactic has been used successfully by many brands, causes, and individuals.

Host an Online Auction

Some folks may not be able to attend your gala in person but would still utilize the option of bidding in an online auction. Using a third-party auction site, or simply hosting an auction on your own website, you are able to expand potential donations and encourage a wide breadth of people to get involved.

Recap the Event

This is just as important as creating that initial buzz. Recapping the gala once it’s over will showcase the great work you are doing, as well as generate excitement for next year. You can do this in many formats, uploading an album to Facebook, making a Twitter moment, the list goes on.

It’s time to think outside of the box when organizing your next fundraiser. Head to The Chronicle of Philanthropy to discover the full article jam-packed with helpful tips and tricks!

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