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Welcome to my blog! Where I share my raw & real thoughts + experiences about digital marketing for nonprofits.

7 Questions To Ask During Your Nonprofit CRM Demo

Reading Time: 4 minutes Investing in new technology for your organization is always a big decision, especially when you’re considering a tool like a CRM, which will affect multiple departments and aspects of your work. Seeing a software demonstration, or CRM demo is a traditional part of the technology evaluation and purchase process and is one of your best […]

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2022 Classy Collaborative – Trends for Nonprofits

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are you a nonprofit professional trying to figure out where your time is best spent? What should be your highest priority? I spoke at the 2022 Classy Collaborative and we found five leading trends for nonprofits and hot topics of conversation. What’s the future of our sector look like with a potential recession ahead? How […]

Dana Snyder speaking at Classy with Red Cross and NAACP

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Double Donations with No Extra Effort by Using This 1 Online Fundraising Platform

Reading Time: 5 minutes In one of my previous posts, I listed 10 signs telling you it’s time to upgrade your online fundraising platform. Of course, knowing the signs of whether or not it’s time to modernize your donor experience is half the battle.  The other half comes with implementing a brand new online fundraising platform!  And managing that […]

A Black woman in a white blouse uses her cell phone and laptop to chat with her team about how to gain recurring donations through a monthly giving program.

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3 Quick Tips on How to Get Donors for a Nonprofit Organization

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all know reaching out to someone who’s already donated once before usually results in another give.  And it’s typically much easier than warming up a new lead entirely.  But you may feel like your well of donors is starting to run dry. At that point, it’s time to start generating new leads.  So if […]

A Black woman with painted nails uses her phone and laptop while searching how to get donors for a nonprofit organization online.

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