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4 Simple Steps to Generating New Revenue Streams for Your Nonprofit

Reading Time: 4 minutes Author: Jamie Klobuchar, Executive Vice President of Evolve Giving Group (she/her)  My big lesson in the importance of revenue diversification in your fundraising strategy came as a result of two national disasters–September 11 and Hurricane Katrina.  At the time, I was working at a nonprofit that raised the majority of their annual revenue from special […]

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4 Data Types to Gather Before Making Fundraising Materials

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fundraising can often feel like taking a shot in the dark. For many nonprofits, it can be difficult to quickly and accurately identify your target audience and determine the best way to get in touch with supporters. However, instead of making wild guesses about the direction to take your outreach efforts, data marketing—a strategy previously […]

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