The Big Change to Google Analytics & What You Need to Do with Caroline Griffin

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Google Analytics is getting a HUGE facelift to GA4 on July 1st and today, we’re breaking down everything you need to know so you’re prepared for all of the changes. I promise it’ll be well worth the effort.

Caroline Griffin is a marketer on a mission and truly my partner in crime when it comes to digital marketing. You’ll hear what you need to do right now, how this new shift to GA4 can tell you even more about your donors, and why it’s essential to take action on this now. This is going to be a super tactical episode and very noteworthy! 

If you’re interested in hiring Caroline to configure GA4 for your organization, click here to fill out her inquiry form.

Sneak Peek:

In This Episode:

  • The massive changes coming to Google Analytics on July 1st, and how this pivot means we can better model data and track people’s actions as they move through our website
  • How to get GA4 set up properly, beginning with the first step of adding a snippet of code to your website using Google Tag Manager
  • What nonprofits can expect to invest in getting their GA4 properly set up by an expert (plus, DIY options including a free certification program)
  • How GA4 can help you connect the dots to see where people are dropping off in your supporter journey and which pages they spend time on before making a gift

Caroline’s Ask

Caroline invites nonprofit marketers to have virtual coffee with her. Send her an email at caroline@marketeronamission.work or connect on LinkedIn! 

She shares, “I’m in my own little bubble a lot. I read articles and I take courses, but what’s most helpful for me to keep my tools sharp, is to learn what’s going on with your organization and brainstorm with you and maybe it’ll spark a great idea for your organization.”

Notable Quotes from Caroline

“This is like the brain – if you don’t have this data collecting properly from every different platform or input, you’re just operating off of your gut, and your emotions and your assumptions. And we’re human and we all make poor assumptions sometimes. We just need this one source of truth.”

“There are so many questions you can answer with this free tool. You can find out more about your audience, there’s demographic information in there, you can see people’s interests based on what else they’re doing on the internet, you can see where people are dropping off in your supporter journey, which is huge. And you can see which pages they’re spending time on before they’re making a gift. And one thing I’m really excited about is you can actually track cohorts of people. You can get really fancy with this!”

Resources & Links

Learn more about Caroline on her website, Marketer on a Mission or find her on LinkedIn. If you’re interested in Caroline’s GA4 configuration services, fill out her inquiry form.

What inspires website visitors to invest in your mission? Are you providing donors with a desirable online journey that keeps them coming back? Join my virtual session at the DonorPerfect Community Conference. I’ll see you on June 6th and 7th! 

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Caroline is loving The Generosity Crisis: The Case for Radical Connection to Solve Humanity’s Greatest Challenges. She is listening to Armchair Expert and On Fire with Jeff Probst: The Official Survivor Podcast.

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