What is Measurement Marketing & Why Do You Need It Before Giving Season with Chris Mercer

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If you’ve ever found yourself drowning in data without any actionable insights, we’ve got you covered. Mercer unveils the tricks to effective data interpretation and the art of avoiding the common pitfalls of aimless data collection. We also demonstrate how to make your data presentation organized so you can make the most of your resources. In our digital age, the right interpretation of data can make all the difference!

We also nerd out about Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Microsoft’s GDPR-compliant tool, Clarity. Discover how GA4’s automatic behaviors and custom events can inform your marketing strategy and why it’s essential to get your GA4 set up correctly. It’s time to power up your marketing with the right tools and mindset.


Resources & Links

Connect with Mercer by visiting his website and checking out his free strategy course and several amazing tools. He also co-hosts the podcast Business Unfiltered.

Go back and listen to Episode 77: Unlocking the Secrets of My Q1 and Q2 Social Media Traffic to Boost Your Digital Marketing Game.

Mercer says we’d be crazy not to use this tool – check out Microsoft Clarity to see how people are using your site – it’s free AND GDPR-compliant. He also recommends the Prof G Podcast, Perpetual Traffic, and Hidden Brain.

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