4 Social Media Trends To Look For in 2019

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 Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Working on your 2019 social media strategy? Here’s a few things to be on the look out for and integrate into your plan!

Own Your Voice

Social media was originally created as a way to engage and share life updates with friends and family. Facebook’s latest algorithm change reminds us of this and the challenge for organizations to think in the same way.

Do you let YOUR fans and followers in? What’s the true character and voice of your cause?

It’s key in 2019 to stand out with your own voice and become a trusted friend across your social platforms.

Thoughtful Advertising

It’s a buyer’s game.

According to a survey by Social Media Today, nearly 90% of organizations advertised on Facebook, 70% advertised on Instagram, and Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube all leveled off around 30%. Looking ahead to 2019, Instagram takes the lead with Facebook not far behind.

Brand awareness is the top goal of most companies with lead generation and sales following behind.

With everyone vying for your like, comment, and share – it’s going to be up to how creative you are in your content + how intricate you can be with your ad targeting to reach exactly the right audience.

Video Video Video 

Do you have a video strategy? Every social platform is highly invested in pushing video content. You’ll see significantly higher engagement on Facebook when you post videos and Instagram is going to be putting a lot of energy into IGTV. It didn’t take off as expected in 2018 and you can bet they’ll be working hard to get more content on the platform.

Who Influences Your Audience?

FYI influencer marketing isn’t slowing down.

According to ClickZ, it will become a $10 billion (YES, BILLION) industry by 2020. But, you don’t need a million dollars to see success using social influencers. I’ve worked on campaigns with $0 transferred.

With causes, it’s all about picking people that have a genuine relationship with your organization and believe in your mission.

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