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3 Stellar Nonprofit Marketing Examples

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to nonprofit marketing, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why I wanted to put together a curated list of three nonprofit marketing examples for you to listen to from my podcast, Missions to Movements. (If you’re a podcast fan, head to Apple or Spotify to subscribe to get notified of future episodes!)

Have you asked yourself:

What channels should I focus on?

How much budget should I invest?

What strategy will work for me?

And the list goes on!

Below I’ve compiled 3 incredible case studies of nonprofit marketing examples from organizations doing it right! Pushing the boundaries when it comes to creativity, pivoting when necessary, and constantly testing!

1.  Amplify Your Mission on Social Media with charity: water’s Cubby Graham

Cubby and I get into what truly makes a great story, where to find great storytellers, how their incredible World Water Day campaign came to life (including a successful cold pitch to Pantone), and how they retain 70,000 members in their monthly giving program, The Spring.

Are you fired up yet? I know you’re going to hear so many mic-drop moments on this episode.

Visit the full show notes page here for this episode.

2. A Google Ad Grant Strategy That Generated 250 New Leads with Chris Barlow

Google Ad Grants are an INCREDIBLE resource for nonprofits! Imagine having $10,000 every single month to amplify awareness, generate leads, and hopefully new donors too!

Chris Barlow from Beeline Marketing breaks it all down in this in-depth case study. He’ll share how one of their clients used this exact strategy to bring in hundreds of new leads each month.

Visit the full show notes page here for this episode.

3. The Marketing Secrets Behind Imani Collective’s 595% 5-Year Growth

Imani Collective is an ethical impact brand crafting beautiful homewares from over 130 empowered artisans in Kenya. Through strategic partnerships, an ambassador program, and paid advertising, they grew their Instagram account from a following of 900 to over 38,000!

There is so much magic in this conversation with Jenny Nuccio, Founder & CEO, and Annette Wilson, Director of Marketing & Events.

This nonprofit marketing example includes how to use the power of social proof through user-generated content, how they launched paid ads with a $1,000 budget, the successful collaborations they’ve done, and the inside scoop on their Giving Tuesday campaigns (the last one generated over $16,000!)

Visit the full show notes page here for this episode.

Every time I listen to these episodes of nonprofit marketing examples, I’m inspired ALL over again! I hope they were a great source of inspiration for you as you plan out your nonprofit marketing plan.

What episode was your favorite? Comment below!

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