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How To Generate Email Leads for Less than $.50 Using Social Media Ads

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Looking to generate email leads and grow your email list?

Having a passionate group of email subscribers is SO important for ANY business. Email marketing has a much higher conversion rate than social media. Plus, you don’t “own” any of the social media platforms. If a social media platform shuts down…then what?

However, social media advertising is a great way to build up your email list using what I like to call – value-exchange digital downloads.

In this episode, I share a wonderful email & case study I received from Hannah at St. Joesph’s Indian School.

She attended a webinar of mine and followed my Lead Generation Social Ad Campaign strategy to generate email leads…600+ at LESS than $.50 using social media ads!!!

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The key to creating a GREAT download that will help you generate email leads.
  • What Facebook Lead Generation ads can help you accomplish.
  • How this nonprofit, St. Joseph’s Indian School is getting email leads for as low as $.19!

Resources & Links:

Want the strategy to generate email leads? In the episode, Hannah followed my: Grow Your Supporter Email List Course

Pick which ad course fits your goals!

  • Visible Reach In A Week – Increase your visibility & brand awareness for only $3/day
  • Grow Your Supporter Email List – Learn how to launch two lead-generation social ads on Facebook and Instagram to instantly attract the right people and grow your email list with passionate new supporters.
  • Find & Retain Digital Donors – In 37 minutes, learn how to launch two donation ad campaigns designed to attract new and existing donors!

St. Joesph’s Lead Generation Ad Examples:

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