3 Tips to Become a Thought Leader on LinkedIn

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Where should you focus your time, money, and energy in 2022 to grow your personal brand and thought leadership?

Hint: LinkedIn! 

Based on data from FindStack.com, of the 310+ million monthly active users on LinkedIn, only 3 million share content weekly. That’s less than 1% of monthly active users!

So with far less noise and competition on LinkedIn, how can you seize the opportunity and create standout content that builds your thought leadership? In today’s episode, I’m breaking down three of my favorite best practices that you can start implementing right away.

Start a LinkedIn Newsletter

One of the quickest ways to generate incredible trust, credibility, and engagement on LinkedIn is by launching a LinkedIn newsletter. It’s a simple strategy, but so powerful. Within one day of launching mine, I had over 450 subscribers! And one week later, that number skyrocketed to 673 subscribers.

It would be difficult to replicate that same kind of success with a brand new email list.

The best part? As soon as you hit that coveted ‘publish’ button, your post sends a notification to every single person who is connected to you or follows you. Think about a regular cadence that works for you and brainstorm a list of topics you’d love to write about.

To create a LinkedIn newsletter, select “article” instead. Now in the article creation area, you’ll have the option to create a newsletter, upload your logo, and then voila, click publish!

Apply for LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is where it’s at. Live videos receive 7 times more reactions and 24 times more comments than native video!

There’s no quicker way to activate the know, like, trust factor with your audience than through live video. 

When I applied for LinkedIn Live last year, I noticed a consistent increase in my growth, especially when I stuck to an easy schedule of streaming content twice per month. Because this feature is offered by application only, there’s far less live content to compete with versus other social media platforms that grant anyone access.

Just as with LinkedIn newsletters, your audience will receive a push notification when you go live. And if they’re already browsing LinkedIn, they’ll get a pop-up notification inviting them to join you!

Create a LinkedIn Thought Leadership Strategy for Your Staff

There’s an enormous amount of content on LinkedIn, but not every post packs a punch and promotes a thought-provoking discussion. 

To be a true thought leader on LinkedIn, you have to be willing to get personal and vulnerable. In fact, I shared a post about a conversation with my Dad, relevant to my audience of nonprofit professionals, that catapulted into more attention than I ever could have imagined – 50,000 views, 900 likes, 130 comments, and 68 shares!

If you’re ready to put more intentionality into your content, while encouraging your staff to do the same, try these quick tips:

  1. Research like-minded professionals in your field. What are they sharing? Where are the gaps that you could fill?
  2. As a busy professional, create a LinkedIn content strategy that you can easily commit to without getting overwhelmed.
  3. Write a list of topics that you’re an expert on and brainstorm article and video ideas.

If you’re too busy or don’t totally enjoy the content creation process, consider hiring a freelance writer to help you that understands your brand voice and the impact you want to make.

What action will you take today to amplify your LinkedIn thought leadership?

“So often, we only focus on, “How do we expand the brand awareness of our organization?” But let’s be real – people connect with people. So I challenge you to also consider asking, “How do we expand the personal brand awareness of our staff and team to share their stories, that therefore lead more people to our mission?” – Dana Snyder

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