A Unique PR Opportunity for Nonprofits to Stand Out in 2024

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What’s the unique approach nonprofits have when it comes to landing press opportunities? 

In the current media landscape, we’ve been told it’s getting harder to stand out (but it doesn’t have to be!)

Danielle Finck is a seasoned PR savant and the founder and CEO of Elle Communications. This episode peels back the layers of the media landscape’s evolution, revealing how traditional forms of storytelling are vying for attention in a sea of content, and how brands and media are adapting to connect with their audiences genuinely. 

The art of PR is more than just a game of numbers, and there are NO shortcuts – it’s about nurturing authentic relationships and human connections. 

Danielle shares so many incredible insights around how to stand out when pitching journalists, the surge of op-ed prominence and “news fatigue”, and the refreshing emergence of solutions journalism. 

The big takeaway? Human-centric stories are pivotal if you want to engage with more diverse audiences.


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