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Attract Corporate Partners in 30 Days with 2 Cold Emails

Reading Time: 2 minutes


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How can a perfectly crafted cold email turn heads in the corporate world? 

Today, we’re diving into the secrets of strategic content with the always insightful Chris Barlow. Specifically, you’ll hear how a human trafficking nonprofit managed to captivate corporate sponsors within 30 days by sending just TWO intentional emails. 

Chris breaks down the importance of finding “values alignment” in your outreach to other organizations, who to reach out to within the company, and how to find them. He shares several of his favorite tactical tools to make it all happen.

Transitioning to a theme of sustainability, we’ll uncover the key to nurturing long-term collaborations that extend beyond one-off successes. We’ll discuss how to leverage what you already have—like the untapped potential of pitching email space and the Google Ad Grant—to build content partnerships that last. 

Plus, Chris shares the touching way he teaches his children the value of giving through “Mama Bucks.”


Resources & Links

Learn more about Beeline Marketing and their work with nonprofits. You can also connect with Chris directly on LinkedIn or via email at team@yourbeeline.com

Check out Hunter.io and RocketReach, two tools that will support your email outreach. Chris also recommends the Omnisend email subject line tester.

Tune in to Chris Barlow’s first appearance on the Missions to Movements Podcast: A Google Ad Grant Strategy That Generated 250 New Leads.

Want to make Missions to Movements even better? Take a screenshot of this episode and share it on Instagram. Be sure to tag @positivequation so I can connect with you. 

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