Canva Features You Might Not Know About with Canvassador Bex Toms

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Unlock the secret to standout design (without breaking the bank!), as we sit down with the inspiring Bex Toms of Designed to Be Kind. She’ll share how Canva’s groundbreaking platform is reshaping the design narrative for industry professionals and novices alike. 

Canva’s innovative tools are not only keeping budgets in check, but are also sparking a creative revolution, enabling anyone to craft visually compelling content with ease. 

Bex’s path to spearheading a mission-driven design firm exemplifies the synergy of passion and purpose, and she’s here to show us how that powerful combination can be reflected in your organization’s visual storytelling.

This episode is brimming with practical wisdom on organizing and collaborating within Canva, making it a treasure trove for teams of any size. 

You’ll get the scoop on Canva’s latest features from QR codes adding a tech-savvy edge to campaigns, to Canva’s AI capabilities, including ChatGPT-powered design wizardry. Plus, we’ll reveal the Enhancer app’s magic touch that’s setting a new standard for image quality. 

This conversation is your ticket to mastering Canva’s full suite of features and starting the year on a high note of creativity and efficiency!


Resources & Links

Connect with Bex on LinkedIn and on her website, Designed To Be Kind.

Check out Canva and all of their new tools, plus their free Design School to learn how to design like a pro. Canva for Teams will help you scale your content production.

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