How to Name a Monthly Giving Program

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Today we are talking about one of my favorite things – and that is nonprofit monthly giving! Whether you want $1,000 or $5,000 recurring every month, your goals are your own. And the benefits are TREMENDOUS. 

But one of the reasons organizations get stuck starting a nonprofit monthly giving program is coming up with a name. 

How do you come up with a name for your nonprofit monthly giving program?

In this episode, we’ll have a mini workshop on unlocking the secrets to creating a monthly giving program that resonates with donors and builds an enduring community. This brainstorming session is designed to help you uncover a name that encapsulates your nonprofit’s spirit and purpose!

Plus, you can get my free brainstorming worksheet at positiveequation.com/name.

If you’re ready to grow your community of recurring donors in 2024, my Monthly Giving Mastermind brings ALL the necessary experts together to provide YOU with a one-stop shop to launch an impactful recurring donor program in just 3 months! Doors are closing soon, so apply now.

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Join my free webinar with EverTrue on January 16th to learn how to creatively use video campaigns, email, and direct mail to reengage your supporters! RSVP and start the New Year with me at positiveequation.com/thanks.

Applications are closing soon to join my Monthly Giving Mastermind program which starts in February! Ready to build a dedicated community of recurring donors to generate consistent revenue? Let’s make it happen together. Learn more and apply here.

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