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Consulting Call: Asking The Same Donors To Give Over & Over Again? Tips On How To Attract New Supporters + Encourage Your Current Advocates with Lindsey Molander, Seed India

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If you’re thinking about how to maximize your GivingTuesday and year-end fundraising efforts, you’ll want to join me for this in-depth consulting call with Lindsey Molander, Director of Seed India

In her role, Lindsey takes on the monumental task of communicating the hardships of families living in the slums of Kolkata, India. With stories as compelling as hers, there’s SO much she can unpack and share with the world to further cement donor relationships.

This episode is chock full of techniques for connecting with new donors and building trust with existing ones, from using personalized thank you emails and video asks, testing video views and retargeting ad campaigns (for as little as $5 per day!), and creating tentpole content.

We move on to discuss Lindsey’s strategies for maximizing end-of-year fundraising efforts and segmenting different asks for various donor groups. For example, she could ask recurring donors to increase their gift, or their 800+ social media followers to share their story. There’s also potential to collaborate with other brands that align with their values.

I love hosting these consulting-style calls and hope you’ll take away some nuggets of inspiration in this conversation with Lindsey!


Resources & Links

Learn more about Seed India on their website and check out their Night of Joy Dinner and Virtual Reality Experience

Connect with Lindsey on LinkedIn.

Check out my first consulting call episode, Increasing Monthly Gifts & GivingTuesday Ideas with Every Shelter’s Lauren Hanson

Want to make Missions to Movements even better? Take a screenshot of this episode and share it on Instagram. Be sure to tag @positivequation so I can connect with you. 

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