Consulting Call: Increasing Monthly Gifts & GivingTuesday Ideas with Every Shelter’s Lauren Hanson

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We’re doing something a little different to kick off October.

These next few episodes feature consulting calls with nonprofits of all sizes and we will cover it ALL – from GivingTuesday, to end-of-year campaigns, to social media and email marketing.

For our first one, get ready to explore an innovative world of shelter solutions with Lauren Hanson from Every Shelter. We’ll traverse through their unique initiatives in Uganda and Turkey, discussing digital marketing ideas for year-end fundraising to assist with ending the refugee crisis. 

Lauren shares the story of starting a store in the Nakivale refugee camp in Uganda. Not just an ordinary store, but one that sells essential goods like water buckets, nails, axes, and tarps made from recycled billboard material. What’s more, we’ll share the ingenious ‘work for credit’ system that offers access to these goods for those who may not have the necessary cash flow, and the potential to activate generosity for the store. 

As we steer towards the end, our conversation takes an exciting turn towards GivingTuesday and Year-End Campaigns. Discover the new one click upsell feature from Fundraise Up and how it could revolutionize personalized donor upgrades. 

We also unpack the idea of thanking donors with postcards, gifting them a refugee-made bag as an incentive to increase their donation, and the power of videos to inspire donors to contribute to the cause. 

So, buckle up for this enlightening journey filled with inspirational stories, innovative ideas, and actionable strategies!


Resources & Links

Learn more about Every Shelter on their website and Instagram and join The Haven to become a monthly donor. You can also connect with Lauren Hans0n on LinkedIn.

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