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End of Year Social Campaign

Your non-profits EOY campaign is probably already underway — the development team is busy with calls and zoom meetings, a final round of edits is being done on the drip email series, and deadlines are looming on a billion different projects.

But was someone from your social media team at the table for those conversations? 

If they weren’t – they should have. 

You and I both know the value and power social has for any organization – let’s make that known to the rest of your team.

Step One: Get it on Your Content Calendar

    You don’t need to talk about your campaign every single day on your channels. If Thursday’s were your day to talk about your organization – slot the campaign to go there. If you have the bandwidth in your budget – put up ads to run the duration of the campaign.

    Make sure to email other departments and make a note when other elements are going out for the campaign. 

    Dates to add: #GivingTuesday is December 1

Step Two: Content

      What content that has already been created for different parts of the campaign, serve your social audience? 

  • Stories – If your email series has a great story and there won’t be an overlap between who is receiving the email and who your audience is on Instagram – can you repurpose the content and create an engaging series with it as well?


  • Video – Can you make your mission come to life?  Have your donors/board members/people who benefit from your nonprofit share short videos about why they donate, believe in the mission, etc. It doesn’t need to be high budget – all they need to do is push record to talk a little about something they already love (your mission) and then send it to you. Pro-tip: When you hit publish on the video, make sure it’s captioned. 85% of people don’t use sound while watching stories on Instagram.*


  • Graphics – Use the same colors, graphics, etc. used from the emails/mailers for your social campaign. Cohesiveness is the goal. It should be a smooth transition from the email to your Facebook to the landing page on your website.


  • Lives – Start scheduling your lives now! Hype them up a week out, a day prior to and day of. Who would your audience connect with, what value can you add to your audience, what questions can you address?


Step Three: Donate Buttons + Stickers + Fundraisers

This is social media’s place to shine!

Make sure you are registered with Facebook as a verified 501c3. This will give you access to the Donate Button, Facebook Fundraisers, Instagram’s Donate Button & Instagram’s Donate Stories Sticker. Facebook has a great guide if you need any help setting your organization up. 


Step Four: Communicate Your Data

In January, create a document or a presentation that shows the data that is pertinent to who you are going to email it to. Don’t simplify the analytics – add details and explanations where needed. If they can’t understand it, they’re going to skip it.

Always create your review with the thought that it will get forwarded to others – including the CEO. 

If you need help with any of these steps or want live consultation, join my class starting Nov. 5.


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