How PHCC Closed the Communications Gap for Thousands of Frontline Workers with Carrie Fox

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Today’s incredible case study is all about the power of LISTENING, with the guiding force behind Mission Partners, Carrie Fox.

First, we’re going back in time as Carrie reveals the rebranding genesis of the Public Health Communications Collaborative (PHCC) during the pandemic, shifting from a COVID-19 centric initiative to a broad-based community platform. 

We’re covering all things public health messaging and tales from the trenches—the challenges they faced, campaigns led, and how they built trust and inspiration, bridging divides and bridging gaps.

We also reflect on a national survey Carrie orchestrated that got over 600 responses from just two questions, spotlighting an urgent need for digital proficiency.

Tune in to discover how Canva and Hemingway App can help you craft messages that resonate with diverse audiences, and how strategically using LinkedIn’s boosted messaging can amplify your reach.

You’re going to have SO many takeaways as we shed light on the essence of simplicity and the courage to embrace new challenges.


Resources & Links

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Learn more about Mission Partners on their website and tune in to the Mission Forward podcast. 

Connect with Carrie on LinkedIn or email her at carrie@mission.partners. You can also learn more about her book, More Than Words: Communication Practices of Courageous Leaders.

Check out the tools we recommended in today’s episode: Hemingway App and Canva Pro. Want to make Missions to Movements even better? Take a screenshot of this episode and share it on Instagram. Be sure to tag @positivequation so I can connect with you.

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