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What Does a Community-First Marketing Approach Look Like with Andi Kay

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The research is jarring. We spend upwards of five to seven hours a day on social media. But when women leave Instagram and TikTok, they generally feel worse about themselves.

Imagine a world where scrolling online leaves you invigorated, rather than caught in a comparison trap. Andi Kay’s foundation is on a mission to craft just that.

Bloom Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to helping girls build emotional resilience in a supportive community container. You scroll, but you leave feeling better.

In this episode, Andi and I unravel the complexities of social media and mental health. Plus, Andi shares how she’s structured an empowering, community-first approach on Circle, leveraging curated journal prompts, ambassadors, and journal clubs in a safe space.

Tune in for an exploration of what it means to nurture connections and equip young women through community-first marketing. We’re inviting you to witness the transformative power of a supportive sisterhood!

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Learn more about The Bloom Foundation on their website and on Instagram, check out their monthly giving program, and tune in to Andi’s podcast, How To Bloom.

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