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You’re about to get a front-row seat into what my personal coaching and mastermind experience has been like working with Julie Solomon. One word? Transformational.

Julie and I go deep today on limiting beliefs, how to work through and understand our origin stories, the #1 thing we HAVE to invest in to grow our business, and the secrets and strategies behind the launch of her brand new book, Get What You Want. Julie is also the host of the top charting Influencer Podcast, which has completely shaped my business over the last 4 years.

I can’t wait for you to learn from Julie’s tactical wisdom and magic!

Behind a successful book launch (and why vanity metrics shouldn’t matter)

Julie’s background in publicity helped her curate a realistic launch plan for her first book. It’s natural to want your first book to become an overnight bestseller, but Julie knows people who have sold 50,000 copies that haven’t hit the New York Times bestseller list, and people who have sold 500 copies who have!

Gaming the system by having multiple book purchases on different credit cards or having thousands of copies sitting in her garage just doesn’t appeal to her. 

So when you’re mapping out your book launch plan, get crystal clear on who your avatar is. Who are you writing this book for? Getting on Good Morning America and The Today Show are great for vanity metrics, but they aren’t going to sell books.

But diving into the podcast circuit? That’s a different story. Julie knew that doing a virtual “tour” on 65 different podcasts would create much more impact given the long-form nature of the content and the trust she’s built with these podcast hosts.

Consider book clubs and Instagram Lives as other focus areas and make sure it’s the right book club. For Julie, honing in on groups of women that love to read personal development books and self-help is more valuable than connecting with a book club that only reads fiction.

Connecting with friends and colleagues and jumping on their Instagram Live is a beautiful way to connect with their audiences on social media. And the more you share your message with the world, the more you’ll truly begin to embody that message, which is so powerful!

Julie’s “3 As” to crafting our origin story

We all come with complex origin stories woven into our life – these are the stories and belief systems that shape how we view and perceive the world. Sometimes we take on thoughts like:

“In order to succeed, I have to struggle.”

“The only way for me to go out and have fun with friends is to drink.”

“No one will hire me because I’m an individual vs. having a big company behind me.”

When we have beliefs like this so deeply ingrained into our lives, it prevents us from getting what we truly want.

So here’s a peek at Julie’s framework for crafting your origin story so you can see that you are absolutely worthy of getting what you want.

  • Awareness is the identification that there’s a problem, dysfunction, or belief that exists in our life that needs to change.
  • Acceptance is the most challenging one. It’s an uncomfortable place to go to when you tell yourself, “I’m aware that this happened. Now I have to accept that it’s my responsibility to change it.”
  • Action is the plan we start to implement to recover and restore all the things that have been lost because of this origin story, belief, or traumatic event.

You are worthy of believing in a new possibility for your life!

Choosing the right mastermind / best business investment

Bottom line? Access to a mastermind group is one of the most powerful things you can have in your toolkit to grow your business or change your life. 

In fact, I launched my own mastermind because of the experience I had in Julie’s SHINE mastermind, and it sold out!

Joining a mastermind puts you “in the room” with people at your same level and together, you share strategies, feedback, and push yourselves to the next level. Julie joined a mastermind over 5 years ago and to this day, 3 of the women she met through that experience have become some of her best friends and business confidantes.

If you are going to invest in a mastermind program, make sure that the leader has done EXACTLY what it is that you’re trying to do. They should be more than qualified so you can learn from them. For example, if you want to get into commercial real estate, that mastermind leader better be at the top of their game in investing in commercial real estate!

And consider the container and what format will meet your needs and desires. Is it 6 months? A year?

There’s a lot of trust you’ll put in the leader for bringing together the most incredible people you can learn and grow alongside. From this beautiful energy and container, you’ll grow 10 times faster than you ever thought possible. Can you see why I’ve loved having Julie as a mentor in my life?

Julie’s Ask

Julie would love for us to buy and support her new book, Get What You Want: How To Go From Unseen to Unstoppable, which is available now!

Notable Quotes from Julie

“The beautiful thing for anyone who is launching anything, the more that you put yourself out there and talk about your offer over and over again, the more that it becomes natural for you to really embody the message and what it is that you’re saying.”

“You have to start asking yourself, ‘do I want to live in a false narrative in a story in an environment that is filled with overwhelm, justification, delusion, denial, anxiety, chaos, frustration? Or do I want to live in one that’s filled with peace and serenity and joy and hope and happiness and embodiment and empowerment and connection?’ Only we get to make that decision.”

Resources & Links

This episode is presented by Feathr – Expand your reach, further your mission. Use Feathr’s digital marketing tools to increase awareness, boost online donations, promote events, recruit volunteers, and ultimately do more good. Learn More. 

Check out Julie on her website, follow her on Instagram at @julssolomon, and order her new book, Get What You Want. I also highly recommend listening to The Influencer Podcast, which has completely shaped my business over the years.

Julie recommends we follow @gabbybernstein on Instagram to learn from her purpose-driven marketing strategy.

Julie’s favorite platform right now is the Zero app, which unlocks the power of intermittent fasting.

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