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How Upstate Caring Partners Attracted 2,000 Applications Using A Digital Campaign

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Francesca Orsomarso’s arsenal of digital strategies flips the script on traditional recruitment. 

In today’s case study, we’re breaking down exactly how Upstate Cerebral Palsy attracted 2,000 qualified applicants within a few months of launching a campaign with FMN Creative.

Francesca shares their brilliant one-page funnel strategy (and how it was a MAGNET for attracting job seekers), plus the targeted ad approach that resonated with potential recruits and generated awareness. 

Listen closely as we also reveal how integrating CRM systems with Zapier can create a personal touch, leading to staggering open rates. 

Hiring great talent is something that every nonprofit has a need for. If you’re ready to amplify your current recruitment efforts and connect with your audience on social media, don’t miss this conversation!


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Learn more about FMN Creative on their website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Connect with Francesca at francesca@fmncreative.com.

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