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How To Create Community on Social with a Controversial Topic or Cause

Reading Time: 2 minutes


If you have a controversial issue or topic that your organization focuses on, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how to market and share your mission – especially if you’re getting shut down and censored by platforms for sensitive or politicized material. 

Jayde Powell and Gbemi Maiyegun, co-founders of Weed for Black Women, GET IT. 

In fact, they’ve experienced it. 

Our discussion with Jayde and Gbemi dives into the heart of this evolution, as they recount their mission to reshape the stigmas and narratives around cannabis through education, especially within Black and indigenous communities. 

Get ready to hear the secrets behind how they maintain the delicate balance of staying true to their brand’s values while skirting the ever-shifting landscape of social media guidelines. 

They also emphasize the incredible power of community and contributor-driven content, revealing how they’ve built a resonant brand through the voices and experiences of their audience. 

Take notes as they share so much wisdom in this episode about managing sensitive topics with integrity and authenticity, ensuring their message not only reaches, but also empowers their community.


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Learn more about Weed for Black Women on their website, Instagram, TikTok, and X. Don’t forget to check out their merchandise

Connect with Jayde on her website and LinkedIn. Connect with Gbemi on Instagram and TikTok.

SPILL is a social media platform for Black, queer, and other culture-driving communities.

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