Set Your New Year Intentions with 4 Mindset Exercises

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And just like that it’s 2024!! With every New Year, I like to reflect on the past year and set aspirations for the year ahead.

I’m not one to create New Year Resolutions, but I do have a few mindset exercises that help guide my year. In this episode, I wanted to share the 4 New Year Mindset Exercises I did to start 2024 with a sense of positivity, hope, and direction.

4 New Year Mindset Exercises

  1. What’s your WORD of the year?
  2. What’s IN and OUT?
  3. Journaling:
    1. What will make 2024 the BEST year yet?
    2. Who do you need to become to make that possible?
  4. Get a mason jar (or whatever you jar you have) and each week write down something awesome that happened. Place it in the jar and at the end of the year, you’ll have 52 memories to look back on and celebrate!

Cheers to a wonderful New Year!!!

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