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How to Grow a Nonprofit with 5 Sustainable Fundraising Tips

The whole purpose of building your organization is to create impact. You believe in the mission of your why, and you know others do, too!  And that’s why you want to figure out how to grow a nonprofit!  But getting it to the level you want it to be is a big task. Especially when […]

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10 Signs Telling You It’s Time to Upgrade Your Online Giving Platform

There may be one single thing keeping you from increasing your donations.  It’s not your social media marketing strategy.  And it’s not whether you’re running Facebook and Instagram ads for your nonprofit or not.  No, my friend, it’s as simple as… Your online giving platform is outdated.  In this post, I’ll give you 10 signs […]

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3 Easy Ways to Encourage Recurring Donations for Your Nonprofit

You may have heard it before. But just in case you haven’t, I’ll tell you: setting your nonprofit up for recurring donations is much easier than constantly having to attract new donors.  They’re an incredibly valuable part of creating a sustainable fundraising strategy as you grow your organization. I’ll take you through 3 easy ways […]

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Digital Marketing & Fundraising Trends For 2022

Author: Caroline Fothergill, Digital Marketing Strategy & Campaigns for Nonprofits & Cause-Driven Businesses Caroline is an incredible colleague of mine and I love the analysis she’s put together below for you! So many good nuggets in here. Grab your notebook and get ready for some seriously good digital marketing & fundraising tactics to implement into […]

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