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My 5-Step Framework to Build a Monthly Giving Program

Reading Time: 6 minutes What makes a monthly giving program for nonprofit organizations successful? Here’s a sneak peek into the steps from my 5-step framework (which will be featured in even more detail in my book that comes out in September!) Whether you are just starting OR looking to refresh or audit your current program, this episode is packed […]

My 5-Step Framework to Build a Monthly Giving Program by Dana Snyder of Positive Equation

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4 Strategies for Communicating Your Nonprofit’s Rebrand

Reading Time: 5 minutes   If your nonprofit has recently decided to undergo a rebrand, you’re probably becoming familiar with how involved the process is. From creating new brand assets to incorporating updated guidelines into your marketing materials, a lot of time, effort, and thought goes into rebranding. However, there is another essential aspect of the rebranding process that […]

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From Inbox to Impact: The Psychology of Email Fundraising

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Imagine you’re one of your nonprofit’s email subscribers, sifting through the hundreds of emails you receive weekly. The subject lines all implore the reader to click through, but it isn’t anything new to you, so you toss them in the abyss of your spam folder without a second thought. As a nonprofit marketer, your […]

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4 Simple Steps to Generating New Revenue Streams for Your Nonprofit

Reading Time: 4 minutes Author: Jamie Klobuchar, Executive Vice President of Evolve Giving Group (she/her)  My big lesson in the importance of revenue diversification in your fundraising strategy came as a result of two national disasters–September 11 and Hurricane Katrina.  At the time, I was working at a nonprofit that raised the majority of their annual revenue from special […]

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