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How a Personalized GivingTuesday Experience Can Turn More Donors to Recurring Supporters

Reading Time: 5 minutes Guest Post By: Fundraise Up The busy year-end giving season is just around the corner, with GivingTuesday kicking off on November 29. While we still have months before the big day, now is the perfect time for nonprofits to plan and strategize for a successful GivingTuesday campaign.  Nonprofits receive a high volume of website traffic […]

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2022 Classy Collaborative – Trends for Nonprofits

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are you a nonprofit professional trying to figure out where your time is best spent? What should be your highest priority? I spoke at the 2022 Classy Collaborative and we found five leading trends for nonprofits and hot topics of conversation. What’s the future of our sector look like with a potential recession ahead? How […]

Dana Snyder speaking at Classy with Red Cross and NAACP

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The Magic Behind charity: water with Vik Harrison

Reading Time: < 1 minute I had the opportunity to have an AMAZING conversation with Vik Harrison, co-founder of charity: water! She explains the magic behind charity: water’s success – everything from how and why she helped start the organization, their approach to corporate partnerships, and all of the nitty-gritty behind what it takes to run a successful nonprofit. “Our […]

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