The Female Equation: Brittany Driscoll -

The Female Equation: Brittany Driscoll


Brittany Driscoll is the CEO and Co-Founder of Squeeze.  Prior to launching Squeeze, one of my new fav spots in the neighborhood, Brittany spent four years running marketing for Drybar. Another business that I’ve frequented…quite often. 😉

She helped take Drybar from $30M to more than $100M. NBD. She also opened more than 50 new shops and launched the Drybar product line internationally, as well as in Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom.

It’s clear to say, I’m a huge fan of Brittany Driscoll and the amazing work she’s accomplished. I’m SO excited to talk with Brittany about her career GIRLBOSS moments and challenges along the way.

When did you decide to start your biz? Was there an “aha” moment?

It was really more of a “pinch-me” or what I call “Squeeze-me” moment. Michael & Alli (founders of Drybar) had always had the idea to start Squeeze, they just didn’t have the bandwidth so when I told them I was looking to move on to a new challenge (after running marketing for Drybar for 4 years) the stars aligned and here we are…

What challenge(s) have you overcome and how?

The biggest challenge as an entrepreneur is not letting the negative voice or self-doubt creep into your mindset.

Starting a business is overwhelming and challenging no-doubt because you’re responsible for so many things that aren’t in your wheelhouse, so I would say just staying positive and putting one foot in front of the other on a daily basis is the greatest challenge I tackle on a daily basis.

Your mindset can make or break you – it’s important to use it your advantage and recognize the control you have over it.

Who’s an inspiration or mentor to you in this rollercoaster ride of owning your own biz + one piece of advice they’ve shared with you?

I’ve been super fortunate to have incredible champions throughout my career. I’m obviously so fortunate to have Michael and Alli as my business partners. They’ve each taught me something a little different.

Alli talks all the time about leaning on people who know more than you do to offset your strengths. I’ve definitely taken that to heart – we brought a Chief Product Officer in early in the building stage of Squeeze to own the technology and operational systems of our business. His name is Dave Werner and he has been my rock of a right hand. And Michal has always challenged me, even when I was at Drybar to not let perfection get in the way of progress. That message of the importance to keep moving forward no matter is engrained in me. Even though I’m naturally inclined to do so, it’s a good reminder when the going gets tough.

We all need fuel! What’s your current go-to podcast or book right now?

I love a good book. I always recommend Radical Candor – it is an amazing practical guide to management without losing your humanity.

I actually just finished reading Educated and Hillbilly Elegy – both incredibly triumphant stories of overcoming incredible hardship. I love non-fiction – there is so much we all have to learn from each other’s stories.

What does a “positive equation” look like to you?

A grateful heart + intentionally doing things or spending time with people that feed your soul = energy and the right perspective to pursue your dreams.

I LOVE this equation!

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Brittany Driscoll, CEO and Co-Founder of Squeeze

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